Level cap not going past 50? :(

im having trouble getting my level to go past 50…i am in uvhm…installed the latest updates…still not gaining any more experience…feel im missing something but ive spent a good amount of time so far and cannot solve this…any helps would be much appreciated id like to keep playing but this is really bugging me…
also, if it makes any diff im playing on the non-goty version

do you have the 2 level cap addons? the ultimate vault hunter mode pack 1 & 2 each adds 11 levels.

no i do not…im under the impression we can go to 58 without these??

so you can’t gain exp after level 50?

correct :frowning:

well ya need the 2 level cap add on in order to go past level 50. the first pack to 61. 2nd to level 72 which adds a gauntlet you can play but you need level 61.

hmm…its confusing because there is much talk online about patch 1.4.1 expanding basic cap to 58…it is further explained the dlc content caps were also raised but seems to say without dlc there should be a 58 cap…i have read this several places, hence the confusion

hmm i didn’t know about that, but you can find help to help you out with your situation.

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I think you’re talking about Borderlands 1, because there was cap raised with update.
But if you want to go higher in BL2, you need both UVHM addons.

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hmm…i bet ur right…rats, thats too bad…guess i must decide between dlc and the presequel hmm…

thanks everyone its good to know at least

Where do we get these addon’s to go past level 50?