Level cap raise and fate of the casual player

First let me state that as a casual player I am a fan of level cap increases . In BL2 I reached the highest OP level and it was great albeit with a much smaller loot pool. Herein lies the issue with smaller level cap increases and why it may NOT have the intended result the developers are looking for. In BL2, quality gear would last several levels before becoming obsolete. This was accepted and most of my friends adapted with relative ease. That said… this is not BL2.

With a vastly higher loot pool and anointments to match, the replacement of a current bank with perfect rolls that suit your toons would take even the most die hard player an eternity to replace. More to the point… why would you with the mindset that another levelcap increase could be right around the corner. As a casual player I can tell you exactly what I will do… here it goes.

I would likely pick 2 each of my favorite pistol, shotgun, SMG, sniper, shield, nade and artifact and be done until the level cap became exponentially higher. Through farming and trading this could be done in relatively short order. This is not out of lack of desire to play but simply lack of time. I can’t speak for the large pool of other casuals but I simply do not see the vast majority looking to replace 250+ pieces of gear which have been meticulously farmed/ traded for that perfect roll 3 levels higher.


I already burned myself out on farming multiple times so I think I’m just going to stick with whatever I get while playing actual DLC content until the final Lv cap increase. Hopefully the whole system for farming will be in a better place by then.

One thing I will say is that the smarter thing to do is have a drop boosting event immediately after the Lv cap increase rather than immediately before.


How does a casual go about using 250+ pieces of gear?
Also wtf is a toon? A build?

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And I feel you because many are in the same camp, me included. I have almost 300 pieces of gear that are in my opinion, perfectly anointed to my needs. I’ve resided to the fact that shortly it will all be trash but to even consider replacing them all at level 53, 56, 59 is simply not going to happen. So in the end, will this really cause a mad rush of the player base to play more or simply sit back and wait?


Use or perhaps collect is the better word. For many , like me, you don’t necessarily have to use every piece of gear but if there out there, it’s fun to collect. That’s been an integral part of the game since the beginning. Toon=character :wink:


So was limited bank space.

I think the real issue is the “non-meta” builds that some people go for. For example, I stray from the traditional builds on my Fl4k because I’ve really enjoyed a red Fang gamma burst build with Dahl burst rifles (primarily Kaos and Breath of the Dying). The problem with this is that not only are drop chances (finding the right weapon with right element and anointment) abysmal, but since these aren’t highly sought after weapons it makes trading a pain in the ass because nobody really keeps these.

Getting new, higher levels of the “meta” weapons like cutsman, redistributor, etc won’t be nearly as hard because people will farm the heck out of these again. But its gonna be another tedious grind for me to keep competing at MH4, or whatever the new top difficulty will be.


Agreed and you have to wonder how many will
Really farm to replace gear at only 3 levels higher? Realistically, solid anointments could arguably extend 5 levels or so higher albeit with far more difficulty. Im guessing it won’t be until level 56 or whatever they decide next to cause a meaningful rush to replace gear.

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That’s some really interesting definition of a ‘casual player’ right there. :wink:

Not to mention the part about having almost 300 pieces of ideally anointed gear in your bank.

What the heck am I then, with my lonely L50 char in BL3, bank full of AutoAimes and some other random orange crap, and never even sniffing OP levels in BL2? “Filthy Casual”, that must be it! :thinking:



Us Filthy Casuals will obviously have to stick together… (Also only 1 level 50 character, although my bank is kinda stuffed with all sorts as I have friends who farm one heck of a lot.)


Some of us farm, some of us trade, some do both, some well and some not so well :wink:

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If they are in fact “casual” players they likely haven’t hit level cap yet, so the actual cap increase won’t affect them until way down the line.

Casual players are the people who can only play for 1 or 2 hours a few days a week.

Level cap increases have always happened and will continue to happen. It keeps the game alive on the long run and people will always be able to look forward to more farming in bursts between updates. Gearbox should not be scared to do what they have always done just because of the extremely casual players and that’s a fact. No one is forcing you to grind for loot only the player does. Casual players will still be able to get good loot because of the bonkers drop rates in BL3 over time so I see no issue here honestly. I look forward to being able to clean up my mules and bank, I even played somewhat casually to get all that loot so no one should have an issue with the increase…

Level cap raises have never been as small as three levels though, and I think that’s the point that’s to be made here.

If it were only two raises like previous games (barring the third raise in BL2 cause that was deep into the games life), then farming wouldn’t be bad at all. Irritating, but doable.

Everyone who has ever played a BL game knew level cap raises were coming and should have been prepared for them. We are just surprised that it’s such a low number, and concerned there will be a lot of low numbers in a game that’s already riddled with boundless RNG components.


Fair enough, the increases have been bigger in the past and two at most unless you count OP levels. I stand by what I say though even if the increases will be more but at a lower quantity. I wont say its better then the previous games way of doing things but it is an interesting way of doing it that’s for sure. Honestly it will keep people creative for longer build wise since skill points will come slower so I don’t see a negative. We will have a year of many best and creative builds and that excites me more then a big jump in points but im weird so maybe That’s just me XD

That’s fair. It could definitely prolong the length of the game, but I still think unless the given RNG layers are removed (like a reroll mechanic for gear, or make artifacts & coms have static bonuses) a plethora of smaller increases will have the opposite effect on player base and will just drive people away.

There was always a boat load of farming in borderlands, but this game already took it to another level. I fear too much wont increase mine nor my friends’ drive to play the game, but will instead drive us from it.

It definitely prolongs the players’ commitment to the game, but at what cost? Because more smaller increases just try to hide the fact that real, substantial content is released at a much slower rate than in any previous BL game. And content is ultimately what keeps players interested in a game, casuals and hardcore alike.

So I agree with you on that. A marginal level cap increase every few months might actually drive people away.

Well in speaking with many last night on other forums and chat rooms… a LOT of the base will
Slow down in a meaningful way. Sure they’ll play any content but re-farming level 53 or 56 Gear for that matter… don’t see it happening the way I’m sure they intended. I suspect many ( including me) will obtain a few “ go to “ pieces and be done with it.


A three-level bump is rather odd. Although GBX are doing quite a few things differently with BL3 than any of the previous entries, so there’s not a lot of precedent to try and guess the plan against. Right now, all I can say is that Feb. 27th seems an awful long way off (even though it’s only two weeks) so I will be waiting somewhat impatiently until then to find out what the larger game-plan is.

And continuing to level up my Zane, Amara, and FL4K (none of whom have completed the story yet.)


Who gives the “pro” and “casual” stamps? Is there some kind of regulation authority that can certify you?
Anyway what I’ll do is : I will continue to play as I always do and absolutely have no plan aimed at replacing gear in masse or levelling super fast

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