Level cap raise poll, for or against?

  • Level Cap Raise
  • No Level Cap Raise

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I’m interested to see what people think on this one hopefully without too much salt being thrown around.

I wouldn’t mind either way, I’m assuming they’re going to increase the level anyway. But I spent a lot of time getting good gear and farming so it does feel crappy to have to build up my gear again, but ultimately farming and acquiring gear is the point of the game. So it’s a conflicting issue.

Or is it the point of the game? The level cap raise would open up the possibility for more builds and character diversity, and it would make us feel more powerful and have more control over our builds. Or would gearbox have trouble balancing it and it would open up a whole can of worms?

They’ve had difficulty balancing the game so far, but after the dust has cleared from the launch updates they haven’t been as heavy handed, for instance you can still wreck shop with the ion cannon it just eats ammo a lot faster. You could argue all the nerfs have more or less not been as impactful as some of the outcry has led some people to believe, but either way with a level cap raise we are once again venturing into re-balancing territory.

Is it a good idea, or a given, or just not a good idea with the current state of the game?

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Voted for a raise but if UVHM is added. Keep TVHM enemies and gear around 50 but UVHM goes to max cap


What changes would you like to see if they added UVHM, as in how would it be different from TVHM?

I’m asking because I really want to see some ideas and discussions launch here, and I never really played UVHM much in BL2, this game is the first BL game I’ve went all on in.

Also if gearbox does look over the forums I want them to see what the playerbase thinks about all this.

Level cap raising is an outdated unnecessary system to provide a false perception of longevity. You can add new ranks and give skillpoints and give new modes or content that requires the strength of those without having to raise “level” and make gear obsolete. It’s seriously a tired system. This game takes far too much effort to get great gear and fully kit out builds and it would chase a lot of people away to raise the level cap and make it all obsolete, just look at how many people get pissed when a weapon is nerfed that they spent time building around.


So interesting to hear someone say this, I’ve thought about this myself.

I’ve heard some people say they wouldn’t want a level increase and instead go with what you said here.

I think it’s a sound idea. With raising the level you also run into numbers bloat, and of course reacquiring gear.

So I wonder what the rebuttal to that is, why is a level cap better for the game or personally better, and why is it better than just allowing the players to have more skill points?

I want more skill points and possibly a new tree. If they can find a way to do that without raising levels so I keep my gear current that’s ideal, but if they can’t I’d rather hunt new gear for new level than not get more skill points. Ideally it should launch with mayhem 2.0 so we can test the boost properly.

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Awesome. Personally I agree, or like someone else said have some type of activity that upon completion rewards us with skill points or something along those lines.

But I’m expecting a level cap raise, and I’m mentally preparing myself for it and having to re farm everything so I’m not too shell shocked when the time comes. It’s something we are used to in the borderlands series, but I’m curious if they’re going to stay the same or try something new.

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I don’t really know what I like to see but I don’t mind those who in favor of this pitching their ideas. As long it isn’t too hard like BL2 is with health regen and no slag is in the game. Tougher enemies I’d like to see but that’s about it.

I do wishing for more skill points too but I’ll have to see if Gearbox has something planned for this. Part of the reason I like Borderlands was more skill points and level cap. 50 is too short

I can tell by the way you word your OP you are probably one of those that would prefer a balanced challenge over having a few stupidly overpowered builds. I am on the opposite side where I want more levels for more skill points to make some insane builds that make even raid bosses simple cause that is how I have the most fun.

I also limited how much time a spend farming knowing a level increase would happen but then they nerfed my fun builds and now here I sit, watching the forums, playing MHW, and biding my time.


More levels = more skill points, more skill points = more builds, more builds = more fun

and the only thing it will cost us is having to farm new equipment in my mind the pros outweigh the cons.


I’m trying to sound super diplomatic and asking for opinions on both sides honestly.

Personally I love being overpowered and blowing through stuff, but I don’t want gearbox to alienate one audience for the other, or make the game too easy or too hard. So basically the game right now is kind of fair for that, it’s super hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, and super easy if you do. But I know people want more than that. It’s a tough thing to balance.

As for the level cap they could keep the game at its current difficulty or make it a lot harder depending on how powerful we get and how powerful they want enemies to feel. I’m not sure how they’d go about this, or how people feel about that that’s why I made the poll.

Right now I feel like if I had 5 more skill points there would absolutely nothing challenging in this game.

More skill points is going to have to come with a corresponding difficulty increase and while I’m not against level cap increases I’d really really appreciate if that step up was implemented with Mayhem 2.0.

I would also be very OK with raising (perhaps doubling) the maximum number of points you can allocate to each skill.


I Don’t Mind If They Raise To The End Goal All In One Shot. 50-85. None Of That 10 Levels Here, 10 Levels There Crap.


There isn’t a need for a poll.

The cap increase is coming, was coming from the beginning… Why do people always jump the gun thinking GB doesn’t know games or that things just got completely overlooked.

You do realize GB is smarter than people give credit for.

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I want more skill points. I’m fine with a level cap increase to get them as long as we’re not strong armed into higher difficulties.

I expect a level cap raise just like the other games. that’s why I don’t farm for the best weapons because when the level 60 or 70 comes these level 50 weapons will be junk. and I do look forward to the added skill tree upgrades that will come along.

With just 4 additional levels we will be able to get two capstones. Most capstones are huge gamechangers, so I’m really afraid it will cause a huge strike to balance and they would have to rebalance skills or rebalance difficulty around using two capstones. Rebalancing skills can take long time and rebalancing difficulty might lead to decrease of build diversity.

And If they increase lvl cap to 72 again, there’s gonna be barely any choices to make since you will be able to grab everything beneficial for your build.

But that’s in my view, and I get satisfaction from overcomming a challenge, there are many people who prefer casualy destroying everyone and for them it would be better to have lvl cap increase. Thinking up compromises that would satisfy all sides can be hard.

Heck look at where BL2 ended up. You could almost get all three capstones haha.

I’m all for level cap raises. Granted, farming the gear at a new level was much easier in BL2 since we didnt have to worry about anoints and com modifiers. But still, it’ll make me play the game for longer.

Would be neat if they did it all in one go though. Like just bump us up to 72 right off the bat. Only having to refarm gear once is much better than twice xD


I don’t see why levels are a big deal. There should be no cap. All the groups scale to their own levels anyways.

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I do think that there are better ways to engage players than a level cap change. But it certainly is a very cost effective method of motivating players to refarm loot. In an ideal world the content should be king…

Increases in skill tree points don’t need to be tied to a level cap change.

Lastly, I think one of the major problems in this game is the over-balancing of weapons (take negative damage modifiers as an example) so that many output very similar dps - all things considered (e.g. fire rate, reload, damage, etc.,) with only a few outliers that become overly used.

I truly believe that the game would be far more interesting with more variation in weapon stats - as then there is motivation to farm regardless of level cap.