Level guide please

So after me and my friend watch ki11er six (don’t judge us) we saw his kreig funny moments to level 72 and I was wondering what if I did something like that and my friend said I dare you to play axton till level 72 without power leveling so I agreed I started playing him and I see no skill that boost anything I like and his turret doesn’t move so can someone tell me how to use him

Theres a wealth of info in this section of the forum regarding builds, top gear etc for axton , including builds for specific levels.
Theres also more general guides like staying alive in uvhm etc.
Spend an hour or two checking out some of the threads and you’ll probably find what you need.


Your no help -_-

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Don’t be so slothful, @MeatPopsicle and @Tokesy97 already pointed out where you can find everything.


Check out the full list of Axton topics for this section:


You’ll see the Community Guide pinned at the top:

In there you’ll find these (amongst others):

If you’re looking for a detailed “how to level” guide, that all depends on how you want to play Axton, and whether you want to stop at 50, 61, 72, or go all the way to OP8. If you’re just starting out, I really wouldn’t worry too much about build though - it’s hard to go wrong. Just avoid wasting points on Laser Sight and you know all you need to!


Soo I have been playing all day (ow my eyes hurt) so this is what I got
http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#50051100005005515015105050145151 I hope it good

If you aren’t dying constantly, then your build is solid. Is it optimal, that’s a harder question. I suggest viewing some of @DemoniteBL 's videos on Axton’s skill trees. Just do a search for him on YouTube

Well I mean I frequently Lise all my ammo for the baby maker and if I miss a first shot with a orge then I am forsure to die

At higher UVHM levels, I would want Double Up for the extra slag. Then it’s a toss up as to whether you want to go down to Nuke or Gemini, or make a balanced build out of both trees using neither capstone. As generic as Axton seems to be, he does have a variety of setups… grenade/Tediore chucking/turret/general gun

But what if I got both of those cap skills and I throw down that turret before I throw a baby maker

I’m not sure what you are referring to?

So I got both Gemini and nuke and there is a ability battlefront that makes we do more grenade damage with my turret down (Fun fact) did you know it doubles battlefront effect cause your only meant to have one turret so if you have Gemini and throw out 2 battle front effects stack

I did not know that Battlefront stacked with both turrets. Here’s @DemoniteBL 's video on his preferred setup for Grenade and Tediore Axton.

Ok thank you