Level Instancing

Please Someone explain me the level instancing feature

I have no idea what it is but it sounds like if maybe you have a lvl 10 friend but you are lvl 49 you normally wouldnt play together. With these new leveling mechanics either

  1. The game syncs you down to lvl10 to the same level as your friend like FFXI/FFXIV
  2. The game has some sort of battle math where anybody can party with anybody, regardless of level, and still be viable to the party like ESO
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So it sounds like when the host starts a game, the player damage is set to the general level that the host is putting out.

If a lower or higher level player joins that game, their damage is adjusted to around that level, so that each shot takes about the same percentage of enemy health.

At around 23:30 they show Amara’s damage while in a solo game, she’s doing damage in the ballpark of 35, killing guys in about 2 seconds.

Later, around 30:30 they show Zane, and he’s doing about 15 damage but killing guys in about the same amount of time. I don’t quite get why he’s consistently killing guys in the same time while doing so much less damage per hit, but the game seems to be bending things so damage output by enemy HP percentage is about the same.
Loot drops scaled for each character. You can turn all of this off by choosing to run your game under “classic” rules if you wish.

Yeah, this and loot instancing really removes two huge barriers to co-op: finding someone on the same level (though you can still powerlevel someone apparently with ‘classic’ rules), and loot issues… like no matter what level you are, your damage is balanced to work, and loot is not an issue.

During the stream I remember someone saying it was something like…
“If the person running the instance is level 10 and they are fighting a level 15 enemy, then if a level 20 were to join, that enemy would be a/like a level 25 for them, but still 15 for the host”

My guess is that it scales things to the other players. They’ve said they’re keeping the old loot system as well as the personal loot drop mechanic so IDK if they’ll have an option to not have the scaling. Personally, I liked it when I could get powerleveled by friends/powerlevel friends so we could play on even footing much more quickly. Might still be able to do that, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Sounds like you can.

But what about the exp rewards? I’m not talking about damage scaling or loot drop systems. Do you get exp appropriate for your level or can you get carried and earn loads of exp fast fast fast?

If you want the old XP boosting you need to choose the classic mode, under the new scaled mode its basically like you’re the same level as the host even if you’re not. That’s enemies, weapons, XP, everything.

same thing as f.e. one tamriel in elder scrolls online
regardless of your level, everyone who is playing together, is scaled on the same strenght
and everyone gets their own loot in their own level

i think its different in ESO because they are scaling low level players up to the max level, with basic stats
and in borderlands 3, im not sure how they do it xD

but its the same effect

everyone can play together at any time at any place and be rewarded

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So classic is more than just loot? Okay, I got the impression that classic was basically just loot.
(The More You Know)

I understand level instancing regarding exp and enemy levels and gun levels for dropped loot…but I’m wondering if dropped loot is only “pick-upable” by you or can others still come in and nab it before you get it? For example, if i open a chest and there’s a purple gun inside…if my buddy takes it, is it still there for me to take as well, or is that gun nabbed by him?

Under the new rules, there’d be a copy of the same gun for each of you.

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They showed it in the presentation before the gameplay streams. 1 player opened a container showing a purple and a blue gun. They took the purple one. The other player still saw both a purple and blue gun in the container and both were scaled to that person’s level.