Level ONE infinity pistol

Im looking for a level one infinity pistol please. Have tried farming it but have had no luck. Anyone have one they arnt using anymore?

Psn stoneghost54

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Silly Question: Is there any proof whatsoever that Infinity Pistols even COME in a Level 1 version in this game? Because those are End Game weapons. In all the previous games in this series, I’ve never seen an Infinity Pistol in a loot drop, or in a Loot Chest, or in a Vending Machine, which had a single-digit Level. And I also haven’t seen them in this game, either. :thinking:

Yes it’s possible. You’d have to be extremely lucky or circumvent it like Glitching Queen did. She was inviting friends with brand new characters into Circle of Slaughter and got a level 1 Infinity. Still extremely lucky. She most likely has the only one in existence at the moment.

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Thanks, I did not know that! So, I learned something new today. :sunglasses::+1:


@Slif_One actually has one

its possible I got one though tonne star is guy with many items and solid guy!

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Just load up the game at graveward load up second character dont load him in game just leave him in menu. Kill graveward then bring it in game. Took me 5 trys to get level 1 infinity this way. 2nd characters level doesnt matter

OK buddy I’ll try this

If can’t get it just send fr my name is same on ps4 and I’ll send one

Lol first try

Thanks mate

You’re welcome lol better luck than me

Got this by joining my friends mayhem 3 game on my lvl 1 and gambling

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I know this is old, but any chance you still have it and aren’t using it? I’m not that far in, so I can offer you something, but it won’t be great

I can give you one.
Give me your Ps name

Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I’m on Xbox. JBAR2401 if anyone is interested

There are better ways to get money. Im guessing that’s what you want it for? Had I seen this post a month ago I could have helped! :frowning:

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XBox trading is that away --> https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/Borderlands-3/BL3-XB-OnlineandTrade

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Any good to ya? I opened a load of golden chests in an M10 game with a lvl 1 character. I have all sorts of lvl 1 gear.