Level/scaling bug with DLC2

I have a character who was level 53 at the onset of taking on DLC2. I leveled up properly as I went through the DLC, but the individual maps of the DLC remained ‘locked’ at the level my character was when I first entered; enemies, loot, and vending machine items would stay in that 52-54 range. Later maps would be locked in the same way, but at the level my character was when I first entered (55, 56).

So I decided to just reset that character’s missions. And for kicks I decided to play through the whole base game, then DLC1, and then DLC2. Everything in the base game and DLC1 was fine, but when I got to DLC2, its maps were still locked to those lower levels. :open_mouth:

I’m submitting a formal bug report on this but I was wondering if anyone else encountered something like this.

Try to enable the Mayhem mode, even on M1 all will be scaled to your level.

Ohhhh thanks, I’ll try that and see if it ‘unsticks’ things.

Edit: tried it. Turning on mayhem fixed the scaling, but going back to vanilla TVHM brought everything back down. Looks like regular TVHM is busted for me on that character for that DLC.

That does sound like a bug. I’m assuming you’d completed main story in TVHM before starting DLC2?

Yep, I played the main story (and then DLC1) in sequence. (As an aside, something I’d kinda wanted to do anyway, just going through all the story missions with a fully decked out character.)

I submitted an official bug report. I guess the workaround in the meantime is to just play on mayhem heh.

Also, all my other characters are OK. But with them, I’d leveled them up to 57 before starting DLC2. A concern of mine is, if/when they raise the level cap again, will DLC2 be stuck at level 57 for them (at least on plain TVHM hehe.)

I have a related, but different variation of this issue. Also, it’s good to be back.

I recently finished my first main story playthrough in NVHM and ended (doing all in-story side missions save car delivery timed quests) at level 48. The game went into mayhem mode and I began circling back to read preciously unreadable lore on various world and mobbing along the way. Then I started Moxxi’s Handsome Jackpot and got blasted by the loaders relentlessly (levels 49-51, Maybe some level 52).

Not wanting to suffer through the DLC I went to turn mayhem mode off and when I reentered the DLC everything was level 17.

Does going into the DLC initially from the Main menu instead of via the poster in sanctuary make a difference? I used the Main Menu.

Also, I figured I should just try it in TVHM, but when I switched modes the DLC wasn’t even an option, only to rstart the campaign. Is there another minimum level set in TVHM?

I think you may have to get through the main campaign far enough to be on Sanctuary to access the DLC? I can check later as I have one character in TVHM.

The initial level without mayhem in NVHM goes as low as level 13 (the level for a ‘boosted’ new character). 17 may be the upper limit for the first map, since in previous games there’s typically been a 4-5 level range for the starting point.

You should be able to get through NVHM with mayhem on - what level was it, and what modifier(s) did you get? That can make quite a difference (read the fine print!)

It defaulted to level one and defaulted to the kill = speed bonus. I rerolled until I got the grenade bonus. I have switched up my playstyle with Flak and been more frenetic and am surviving a bit better, but still fragile even with all his regen skills and Pets reviving me out of FFYL when they are close.

I am to the Tower with Mayhem on and see what happens when I turn off again. I started it at level 48 myself, NVHM main story done and dusted.

I think with Moze, I just ran it in NVHM with no mayhem and it did at least start at my level? Or it was the old mayhem system with no modifiers. Sorry - been a while!

I tried again to turn it off during the second side mission and everything scaled properly to my level when it applied.

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The bug I mentioned in the OP is ongoing. With the latest level cap increase, I got my characters up to 60, but went back to DLC2 with a couple of them (FL4K and Moze) and gear/enemies/etc was once again stuck at 57 on non-mayhem. Once again, it seems to be exclusive to DLC2; everywhere else I fast traveled to was scaled properly to level 60 on non-mayhem. And, once again (stop… saying… once again… /Rhys ) turning on mayhem makes DLC2 scale properly.

It’s not much of a bother now, since I always play with mayhem on now (now that mayhem is mostly fixed heh) but it’s still kind of an annoying bug to have existing.

It looks like it may be exclusive to PC as well? Just checked on XB1 and I’m getting the appropriate level for NVHM no mayhem.

It’s pretty random… only a few of my characters seem to be affected, the rest are fine. Some kind of random glitch in their .sav files or something I’m guessing, kind of how like my Moze can always save/quit farm red chests even though they’re supposed to be on a cooldown timer to prevent that (a handy glitch actually!)