Level Scaling in DLC

Hey sorry if this is a dumb question but I’ve finished the main game twice and I’m now level 69. So I started the Knoxx DLC but the missions and enemies are anywhere from 50-55. Do they scale up to my level soon? Or do I have to finish the DLC first?

Yep, gotta finish the DLC first. :frowning:


r.i.p :frowning:

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:frowning: After I finish do I have to run through it again like a 2nd playthrough or will it just carry on with enemies my level for side missions, etc?

Hopefully you level 69 before you do this. No. Once u beat the campaign DLC go to Marcus. Do a couple side missions until u get “mop up”. Once u active that enemies finally scale. Also Marcus will give u the 2nd run for the armory (do the glitch, never finish that if u want to farm it)

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Thanks! One more thing. Sometimes I get legendaries and when I look at then it says level 69 but when I equip them it drops a few levels lower to like 66. Is that a bug or normal?

Both, kinda. :smiley: Originally, during the game’s development, weapons proficiency was designed to also enable a character to equip a weapon that was over the player’s level (for example, a level 30 character with enough SMG proficiency would be able to equip say a level 33 SMG), but this was eventually removed before release. But some of the code is still in there, thus the buggy level change when equipping weapons. The level isn’t actually changing, it’s just a wrong number being displayed.


Thanks again for the replies, haven’t played the game is such a long time I forgot a lot of things!

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