Level scaling...or something

So, I played quite a bit of the PS4 version of the game and am now trying it on pc. I am having an annoying issue on PC where every enemy and all of my gear is dropping 2-4 levels above me. I only had anything like this on PS4 when I played with friends and assumed the gear was scaling up due to the group scaling or something. I have been all solo on PC and have not been able to equip anything that I have had drop at all the level I had it drop at. This has been pretty stupid. I am trying to go from main story mission to main story mission to get through the story as quick as possible, but if that is the reason everything is always ahead of me then it really needs fixed. I have already done the story multiple times on PS4 and just want to get through it and try to lvl to 50 already.

Has no one else had this issue?

I’ve not played on the pc, however after having the opposite happen (the enemies and loot were 4 to 7 levels too low) after Eden 6 on my first play through… I stopped doing side missions entirely after freeing Hammerlock. Things are finally lined up to my level this way and I’m past the Pain and Terror fight.

Have you done enough side missions?

are the enemies same lvl as you? sounds like you are underleveled for the zone you are in. If not then its a bug and you should open a ticket with gearbox.

At this point nearing the end of Eden 6 all of the enemies are 4 or so levels higher than I am with all of the loot being 2-4 levels higher.

If you make it through graveward fine, then heading back to Pandora you’ll see everyone is back at your level again.

I’ve had it happen but I wouldn’t call it an “issue”. It’s easy to be ahead of where you’re ‘supposed to be’ at your level so all the enemies are a bit higher than you. As a result the loot they drop is a level or two ahead of you.

Don’t stress, the upshot is you’re getting more XP when you’re that low so you’ll catch up with the guns that are dropping fairly quickly.

It’s kind of disheartening to have something nice drop and be forced to sit with it in your inventory for the next 4 levels. I haven’t had anything drop yet that makes me OP enough to kill enemies 4 levels higher than me easily to actually make any better xp they give worth the kill time. Just slowly working my way through it. Just killed grave a few times. At least he didn’t seem to take as long as I expected.

Everything was 2-3 levels above me when I did nothing but main story missions. If you keep up with stuff like Typhon Logs, radio towers and Clap Trap bodies it should help keep you in range.

On my first character I did all of the missions alongside the main story and was always 2-3 levels above the loot/mobs.

I ran into this issue as well, what I found helpful was taking a break from the main story line and doing some side quests, or doing the little quests (don’t remember what they are called) but the quests like taking the radio towers down and such. After gaining a couple levels id go back to the story line. By doing this it helped me keep my level parallel with the story line.

The Normal mode isn’t level scaled. Just read an article on Forbes where the author was complaining about this, but all games in the series have been like this. So if you are underleveled do some side missions.

I’ve played through the normal campaign twice on PC, and I always do any side missions as soon as I encounter them. By the end of the campaign, I ranked 5 levels above the final mission.

Side quests in sum make up a huge amount of XP. So it should be apparent that it’s impossible to balance the level progression perfectly for all types of players (it terms of how many side quests they take). I think it was the best solution for Gearbox to take this middle-of-the-road approach.

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Thanks for all the replies guys. It sounds like me theory of just doing the story missions is the cause and I’ll just have to deal with it. Would think the loot would at least drop at your level with it set on cooperation, but w/e. I’m closing in on the end, so this wont be an issue for much longer I don’t think.

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