Level up 2nd Character fast Tips?

Anyone have a Good way for leveling up fast ?
Seems like offline glitches dont work anymore

If you have a friend who can run Slaughter Shaft, find a good hiding place on that map – there is a shipping container on the top level with space behind it – and you can level up from 0-50 in a few runs. I did it with Amara and then sailed through Normal Mode at level 50 in about 10 hours.

If you don’t have any buddies to help, do only STORY missions 1st. Do not do side quests. Once you finish story pop on Mayhem 1 and run through all the side quests (will scale to your level and offer more XP than doing them 1st run) Make sure to kill stuff while doing the side quests and you should finish at 50.

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Can you splitscreen? If so, go to TVHM on first player and do story missions with second player logged in. My wife’s second character went from level 1 to 7 just from logging in with it in second player when I loaded from save then killed katagawa jr and chose a mustache option.

The circles of slaughter are probably the fastest, but since you have to finish tvhm to do the takedown anyway, might as well just hop some multiplayer campaign and run through them.

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I’ve had 2 characters boosted and the downside is you still have to do the campaign which imo is dumb you should only need to do it on your first character. At any rate be aware that if you boost you still have to do the story so just level in offline mode

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Does offline leveling still work for you ?
I tried the offline glitch to run the Story but it didnt work for me (PS4)

The last update nixed the offline XP glitch.

You don’t need to beat Tvhm to unlock the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. You just need to beat Nvhm. However it is optimized for a 4-person level 50 team. So maxing level first is still a good idea.

If you are playing the takedown on tvhm, it won’t let you until you take the mission on tvhm, after beating the playthru.

So if I powerlevel a character in splitscreen and have them join a tvhm maliwan m4 game will they automatically unlock tvhm, bypassing the story mode finish criteria?

No. Characters always have to beat Nvhm before they unlock Tvhm.

Tvhm should be unlocked by default for every new playthrough, in same way as the bank for all characters

Got my last levels farming Graveward, he offers massive XP on M1 and you consistently get gear to use. He dropped a Maggie at lvl 44 and lasted me until lvl 50.

Yup agree once you’ve done it once you should be able to start others on TVHM