Level Up Fast (PC)

I want to have a high Gunzerker character but I don’t really want to play through the whole game. Can someone help me level up fast? (PC)

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Moved you to the right section.

Just one thing though - you do know that you have to complete each of NVHM and TVHM stories before you can unlock UVHM on each save, right? Gaining levels is one thing, but you still have to play through the story at least twice.

First time playing the game, or did you have it on console before getting it on PC?

I should be able to do a bit of powerlevelling, can’t guarantee I’ll get you the whole way but I’m happy to muck around while you get xp.

I’ll be back at my computer tomorrow (Sunday).



I wouldn’t mind jumping in for some residual xp gains. :smirk:

MyDahl could use some extra XP. I’m an ‘End Game’ fanatic, so I like to get there as quickly as possible.

I can powerlevel as well. I can load up my Sal and run Pete’s bar over and over again, or kill Hyperius for some crystals and XP gains. I would just expect the favor to be returned. :innocent:


Add the Steam then Bud :wink: - jtb2k

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done. :acmaffirmative:

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I clicked your link to see “Phallic Corn” on your page. lmao :rofl:


Are you willing to power level? My steam name is Hefemus.

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The post you are replying to is 9 months old, and the user has since taken a break from the forums. You might be better off starting your own thread.