Leveling Advice Needed

I am trying to get my 57 Siren to 72 quickly but it feels like it’s taking way too long. I’m lucky to get a lvl an hour (or more). I have the game on PC with a 72 Siren already but I got it on xbox so I can play with my bother and nephew (they both have lvl 50ish characters).

All that said what have you guys found to be the best/fastest way to get to lvl 72 on a 2nd play through? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated as I really feel like I’m slogging through this. Many thanks!

having just done this myself i’d say just play missions, side missions, story, whatever. it sure goes quicker when you aren’t thinking about just xp but also about the stuff you need to do. once i got to late 60s i then just farmed bug gulch and nexus badlands for the remaining levels, this is relatively quick and also has the chance of tubbies. a full bug gulch run with a black queen spawn and also mobley and gettle was netting me 1.5 to 2 of the segments on the xp bar each time. sounds slow but it isn’t all that bad.

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I tend to just smash the 1st two playthru to get to to uvhm, makes the game harder for sure… then like what’s been said do my side missions/farming at my current lvl in uvhm so I reap max xp.
Only have two maxed toons myself so no expert by any means ( just don’t farm tinder snowflake like i did from 50 =72 as almost killed the game for me​:grinning::skull::grinning:.

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while i agree you shouldn’t farm tinder all that time (you lunatic!) it’s certainly a great way to get newer on level gear

yeah I mean I’d say just do all your side missions on all your play throughs(other then the one for terry until you’re high enough level of course unless you’re feeling very brave)is the quickest way without boosting in a higher lvl lobby.

One of the best ways is to bang out missions that aren’t too long but give good xp.
I usually do the first parts of chained quests as well , (clan wars,firehawk etc) , and just save the reward part until 72 , unless I’m planning on a reset.
Once you hit 61 the 2nd lot of pearls can drop so doing a couple of farming runs can help.
The dust is a great one for tubby’s , aswell as grabbing an on level gwens head , it also has the Black queen , mobley and gettle , McNally.
Frostburn canyon is another one to pick up a Lascux , farm tubby’s , scorch , spycho and can be good for loot midgets occasionally.

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something i found out was you don’t need to finish the bane quest to farm mcnally, just complete it up to the part where you kill mcnally. once you save and quit you can farm him from then onwards. this helps if you aren’t really prepared for lynchwood yet

if your into repetition (and a great way to farm Torgue Tokens) the BarRoom Brawl is what I use to PL people or th. Otherwise as everyone else says run around doing the side missions killing everything there and back, , heck (and I am assuming you have all DLC’s) run DigiPeak., you won’t be able to get OP levels till 72, but the first run does give good XP.

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Another good tip is to pick up mutated varkid mission from Hammerlock , and if you dont collect the blue tail thingies they drop you can keep spawning mutated ones.
They give pretty good xp.

Is there a good way to catch my brother and nephew up to my lvl? From the Co op I’ve done it’s brutal just having a few levels difference in UVHM.

From what lvl ? I can help you out for sure, thou wont be won’t be around till tomorrow. If you need a hand feel free to give me a shout gt = ScaryCartoons
I will just do bar room brawl until you/they are at the desired lvl.