Leveling build for zane(co op)

I played alone until now(lvl 20) now beginning to play with a friend, what is a good leveling build co op, i especially love the barrier if there is one with that skill.
i also wondered in endgame does zane have a reliable co op build with barrier?

A cryo/barrier is the best I reckon, the capstone allows effects and is great with absorb/reflection shields and the cryo also will benefit your buddies.

The one problem with such builds is that the barrier is not mobile and being stationary is far less fun that a speed based build IMO.

You can pick up the barrier.

It doesn’t work as well since the others will have to follow Zane intead of the staying inside the Barrier, plus it can’t really protect them.

yes he does. most builds center and pivot around barrier. every build is a good build because if it is a bad build you learn from it and improve. do not copy anyone’s build and you will become a good player.