Leveling in Borderlands 3 with Current Patch and DLC

Hello at all,

as everyone knows now, we have an option to start a new character with level 13 and jump right in to the DLC. (Nice)
The not so positive part is when the DLC is over and what unlocks afterwards.
For a little bit of story behind my nag in the end!
Joined a friend’s game with his character at level 57 me as a fresh and new thirteen we played thru the content with allot of funny moments. (Love the New DLC - Tentacles)
Now after that playthrough I noticed that allot of slots are still locked and that I need to play the main STORY repeatedly to unlock it all. I do not mind playing it again but please give me the option to start at TVHM from the get-go. Otherwise I do not see the point on starting a fresh character on DLC…

Best regards