Leveling system. Ugh

Hey there, stranger! Or should I say fellow Vault Hunters? :3
Now I have played through the Borderlands series before, completing the stories and DLCs, so I know what happens. I plan on doing it all over again soon, this time in order, but the only problem I have with everything is with the leveling system.

This also goes the same for DLCs, by the way. As an example, if I go off and do the Campaign of Carnage, by the time I come back to the main story any quest rewards I get, XP I acquire or loot I find is too underleveled to use due to me actually leveling up way past them. Works the other way around… do every side quest of the main story, can’t do the DLC due to me being overleveled.

I wanna have the full Borderlands experience, as in doing the story, the DLCs AND having fun with the loot I get… so does anyone have any way to get around this? :3

TL;DR Mission leveling sucks. Too OP characters by the time I do them. Need help, if possible.

Yeah its an issue with so much DLC if you do it all pre UVHM you just outlevel the game.

Best way is pick some in NVHM, some in TVHM and save the rest for UVHM where you can do it all without leveling concerns.

I hope they fix this for bl3 because I like to do everything, even doing the arenas in NVHM and TVHM can leave you way over leveled

My favorite thing about Borderlands one was the Underdome. Testing out skills, weapons and how far I can make it without leveling up or losing money when I died made it a blast. In two and PS, it sucks. :frowning:

Yes, that sucks. Sucks to be forced to reach UVHM before there is good value to play DLCs, doing it faster just ruins your experience. But I guess not a problem for players whose played BL since it’s release date, since their characters were already lvl50 before any DLCs came out.

Some says that UVHM is optional and there is truth to that, however another truth is that you have to play the game in a certain way to get the best experience out of it.

I don’t see how. If you have the patch that gives you UVHM, you don’t have much of a choice. It’s not like they capped exp in TVHM. You keep leveling, but your progression slows to a grinding halt. Since this game is an RPG, that is by definition the death of the gaming experience.


I mean finishing the TVHM can be considered as finishing the game, as it’s stated after finishing NVHM that you’re unlocking the real “true” playthrough for the game.

Only if you don’t have the patch that gives you UVHM. If you do, then you have to go there if you don’t want to one-shot everything for no reward since your gear won’t level up with you.

To the OP, leveling is a drag in these games. You have to find some kind of balance where you’ll always be either on-level or slightly (2 or less) over the story’s level. There are some arenas and missions you can try holding off on so you don’t get too many levels. For instance, you can skip finks slaughterhouse when you get to the Fridge, and that’ll save you about 2-4 levels.

Ha. I actually just finished Fink’s Slaughterhouse on my Kreig playthrough.

Gave me too much levels and a really, really crappy gun. Never doing it again.

The hail is amazing once you learn it, and Keith gets a ton out of it.

  • 200 % type a crit
  • 80% splash damage that gets grenade boosts
  • unlisted pellets

The quest reward level predicament seems almost inevitable. While The Pre Sequel isn’t perfect, one thing I do like is that it just seems that running across red text blue items is actually possible. Perhaps one possible solution that would help a little is after completing a mission with a unique item reward, the reward item would be added to the loot table. Maybe for the rare chests or even mini-bosses related to the mission in question, but that would make farming unique items possible without having to alt+f4. Having to resort to either closing the game in that manner or backing up saves just for the ideal gun type seems rather extreme.

As for the difficulty on playthroughs, I think the ideal compromise would be to allow have playthrough 2.5 level with the player and allow replaying to acquire loot at the player level just like UVHM, while also unlocking UVHM as the game’s “Hard mode” as in most games. At least then everyone could max out their characters in normal or hard difficulty and not feel forced to compromise their enjoyment if they’re happy with TVHM but still want to max out.