Leveling to 72 pleaseeeee helppppppp

Could someone help me get ranked up to level 72 please im level 54

Which platform are you actually on? PS4, or Xbone? Or both…?

xbox one

Okay, I’ll delete your other thread, yes?

yeah sure thanks

Cool. You might want to add your gamertag here.

BADLAD456 Why will you be able to help me

No, I’m on pc. But good luck.

cheers hehe

I can help, I’m a level 58 psycho

have you got a powerlevel lobby

I can help

yeah sure are you on now

Yeah what is your gamertah

Also if you have any legendaries that would be great

I do have to get off soon

BADLAD456 invite me to party

okay and I do have like one or two don’t know what level they are

It says you are offline

Sorry I don’t have an OP account