Leveling up after level 60 in the BTPS?

Well I recently completed UVHM, I am at level 61 and having trouble leveling up. What is the best way to level up? is there a boss that is very easy kill and get a lot xp. I have thought of resetting the playthrough but remember, it was a pain in the ass doing the playthrough since it felt it took a long time to compete the story.

Grind the darksiders theres like 20 or more bandits at that camp plus three mini bosses. Or just farm bosses and the holodome and mutator arena.

Boss fights, Darksiders and one of my favorite grind spots is R&D. Stalkers are worth a ton of xp, and if you bounce back and forth between there and Triton you can farm 6 big chests for gear while doing so.