Leveling up BattleBorn Tap

I am confused because I can’t find anywhere to level up on battle born tap. Can someone please help me. Thank you.

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You have to prestige to level up your command rank, as far as I know. I’m level 2 now and unlocked Montana by prestiging.
Does that help?

Found a trick for this. Leave the game and let it grind a buttload of shards for you. If you’re asking about Powering your Battleborn? Tap the option that lets you buy Battleborn, then touch the green “button” until you run out of shards. Congratulations you’ve Powered Up.

Oh that does make sense I see where it says reach stage thirty

Get to Stage 30 minimum

You can now “Prestige” to reset the game but keep some of the bonuses which add to your global damage (Which helps alot) and unlock new char + earn Mythstone to unlock more artifacts (for more bonus)

Prestige will give EXP (and at maxed, stone) based on

  1. Current Stage
  2. How much you leveled each battleborn by reaching the max attack of that level and level them up with huge shard
  3. Amount of epic boss killed (for stone. Epic bosses come every 5 stage post stage 30 and drop 1 myth stone)

Yeah, if you reach stage 30 you can prestige. I did it immediately the first time but I think it’s better to continue for a while before prestiging. (Except for if ya really want Montana. ;p)

I kinda suggest immediately grabbing Captain Fridgepants simply because he’s so hard for the Varelsi to take down. Rath is a disappointment.

I went with Miko in the beginning, and added OM and Phoebe. Miko kinda makes everyone unkillable. ;p

Miko’s Ultimate is BUSTED at level 2 or 3 if you have him in the first slot. Cheap to level, tears through buttloads of bosses.

I actually only got them because I love Miko, but they ended up to be really good too. ;p :mushroom:

I wonder if my main Dynamic Duo is in Tap… Gotta get my girl and her monster some time on both fields!

Most of my favs are in it. Miko, Mellka, Phoebe, Marquis… Don’t really need anyone else. Shayne & Aurox are really cool though… They’d probably perfect this team. ;p

Something tells me that if I had you on my proper maingame squad I could either end up beating everything with a Silver Medal or higher.

Probably. Such pro, much Miko. Wow.

If you really want to clear it fast, just get Rath and Galilea.

Miko ult is nothing compared to Rath that does damage at a faster pace and Galilea for extended version. Rath can get you 10 whole waves cleared until stage 40.

Unkillable is already a thing if you spend some shards into the health often and even easier if you have more artifacts to boost health.

Foxtrot is a shittier joke in this game though. Kek, fail in both real game and tap game.

then theres me up to wave 83 prestige 3 just cause i got bored of prestiging haha

I got to stage 80 before I stop on my 5th prestige.

Most artifacts are really nice to have. More drone spawn, more shard spawn, reduced ultimate cool down and so on.

Nearing 1.8k% damage bonus atm and it only take 20 minutes or so to get to stage 35, less if I get lucky with cool down reset droid item. The really make life easier.

20 minutes? wow it takes me like 3-5 minutes

I would use my auto click on android emulator but that’s just disgusting.

lol never thought of that xD