Leveling up to level 72

I’m playing borderlands 2 and I’m at level 35. I’m trying to get through hyperion slaughter round 5. I’m considering using the glitch in sanctuary to level up to level 72 in 1 hour. If I do so, will the guns I have right now- which are all around level 30 to 35- work just as well against the enemies in hyperion slaughter, even thought I’m level 72, or will I have to look for higher level guns? Also, I’ve already beaten the warrior at the end of the game. If I level to level 72 and then try to farm the warrior again, will it drop guns that are around level 72 instead of the guns it drops right now- which are around level 35? Thank you.

You could but it will probably make the game incredibly boring. If you can’t kill enemies of the same level as your guns while having access to all the skills you would have at 72 (including your health buff) you may be playing the wrong game. And no, dropped guns will be at the level of the area. Only in UVHM do drops scale to your/the highest level.

My advice: play with at least 1 other player so it’s not a complete wipe if you die, or play some of the DLCs to get some fun, easy experience that’ll boost you 1-3 more levels, or go play TVHM for a little bit for the little boost in experience. Then try it again on normal.

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it will still drop gear level 35 or so.
If you want higher level gear, you need to change playthrough.

I think you would be better off playing the game and moving on to TVHM, but if you really want to powerlevel to 72 and then breeze through the game, you do have options:

Killing things dozens of levels below yours is easy: most characters have level-dependent damage skills: Maya has Helios, Blight phoenix and others, Gaige has SaA and Deathtrap, Axton has a turret, Zero has Kunai, Krieg has RR. one shot from any of these is certain death for an underleveled foe.

Melee damage also scales to your level.
And getting guns at your level at any moment is as easy as spending a few golden keys.

The easiest way IMO is with Maya: Spec 5/5 into helios, sub-sequence and suspention and watch as your paselock kills everything on its own. While you run around with 5/5 Blight phoenix and kill anything that you gets close to.

I strongly advise against doing this however. It’s borring and whatever you wanted to get out of this Slaughter round will now be meaningless.

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Round 5 of Hyperion slaughter is a tough road solo at level. You really have to play smart, and use the arena terrain to your advantage. That said, I’ve personally only completed it twice, both times with a partner.

And the other advice you got above is sound: there’s nothing that will kill the game more than being 30+ levels over everything when you still have to play through TVHM main story to unlock UVHM. I would second (or third) the suggestion to get on with TVHM, get some more level 35-36 gear, and go back later. You can switch play-through at any time through the character select menu (even if you only have one character!)

Yes, what they say. Though you could power level just 2, maybe 3 levels and be alright, also, and I didn’t see it mentioned, might try tweaking your skill trees around a bit and see if that helps, may want to show what your playing as and what your skill tree/trees look like, maybe someone could help by suggesting a few things to try then.

my skill trees, I always concentrate on Damage and health first before anything else in whichever toon I play.