Leveling weapon proficiencies

does anyone even bother to grind weapon proficiencies? and other than crawmerax whats the best place to grind them

Once I complete the story on playthrough 2, I go back to playthrough 1 and complete the XP challenges, which earns me XP for levels and proficiencies for the challenges that require kills with specific weapons. I do it in playthrough 1 because the enemies are much easier to kill, therefore I can get kills faster for the challenges.

Once completed, I go back to playthrough 2 and farm the Rakk Hive for the final few levels and proficiency levels. To do this relatively quickly, I use a couple of strong and reliable weapons to whittle its health down, then I finish it off with the weapon I want to upgrade. At low proficiency levels, it can get a boost of at lest 10-15 levels. Even at high proficiency levels, you still get around a level per kill.

Farming the Rakk Hive for proficiencies is similar to Crawmerax. The loot isn’t nearly as good or plentiful, but Rakk Hive is much easier to farm because of less journey time, easier to kill without being too badly hurt and if you stay on the ridge at the entrance, it practically stands in front of you to shoot at it.

I prefer Guardians. With a shock gun (except for Mordy who can destroy them with pretty much everything instantly) they go down quickly but the Rakk Hive is great if you need a quick initial boost to a gun type you’ve neglected thus far (especially Eridian).
Just a few runs through Eridian Promontory are needed to max one type.

I generally try and use all weapons fairly equally while playing through both times, but there’s always something I end up using far less than the others. My personal favourite for mowing stuff down repeatedly is the Robolution DLC, and particularly DIviding Faults and Hyperion Dump - you can do circuits around both maps pretty much continuously.

thanks guys, btw I’m level 69 mordecai and both playthroughs are done. still need to finish moxxis underdome on first playthrough and have barely touched the dlcs on 2nd playthrough.

Another vote for guardians in the Eridian Promentory.

Another reason I run Rakk Hive instead of Eridians is because since I do all the XP challenges, I have to do the Eridian enemy kills challenge, which I leave till last. Once I’ve done the challenge, I get sick of them and just run Rakk Hive.

I used to get a weapon of whatever proficiency I needed to level up with a corrosive element and go hunt lance vehicles in the Knoxx dlc.
Fun times lol

Edit. Sorry for the necro didn’t realize it was this old.

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Still a good tip, though!