Leveling with a Rough Rider and Infiltrator Mod

Hi, I’ve managed to find a low level Rough Rider and Legendary Infiltrator class mod.

Just wondering if there is a good leveling build with these 2 or will I be better off with something else? I’ve already got a level 50 Fl4k so just looking for something fun while leveling.

What would a build with this combo look like while leveling?

What level are you? Or I guess what level are the shield and mod? If you’re just starting a new Zane thinking about what to do when you can use them

I’m currently level 17.

Class Mod is Level 12 and RR is 8 (Reduces incoming damage by 23% and grants 35% max health).

Looking for something fun, probably with automatic weapons because I mainly snipe with Fl4k.

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I would go for a movement speed build and spec into rise to the occasion/calm, cool, collected for some very nice survivability. CCC combines really nicely with a the RR because you can skip the shield stage to more often reset your cooldowns. Combine that with the Barrier action skill and you can set it up so you practically always have action skills up. Then you add skills like synchronisity and things start getting really crazy. Enjoy!

Also, a lv50 RR carries the same percentage bonuses so you can carry that shield all the way through if you like. The only difference between RRs is the other bonuses. Mine gives reload speed and I’ve heard of roid ones.


Thanks for the reply.

How far down the Hitman tree do you suggest I go before moving to Under Cover? I’m guessing Praemunitus is worth taking early too.

I was much like you and was lucky enough to pick up a Rough Rider whilst leveling my Zane.

This methodology will vary on play style but I actually worked on the undercover skill tree first because in my mind, a dead character contributes 0 DPS. The early skills aren’t flashy but they do provide survivability to enable CCC in the mid to late game.

However, if you have no issues with survivability then I might suggest working down the hit man tree until you reach Death Follows Close. This one-point game changer makes ALL kill skills stronger and last longer. This includes kill skills in other trees coughsDonnybrookcough

If you are leveling and want to take a tier 1 skill in Doubled Agent, I might suggest Synchronicity. Since you’ll have Barrier and Drone, getting a damage boost for BOTH action skills active is quite nice and plays into CCC as it rewards more damage for action skill uptime.

Hope this helps, I’ve left it vague as Zane can build in a myriad of ways. Try different methods and see which ones work for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply, a lot of good tips. Looks like there is a lot of options for me. Playing around with a tree builder I had something like 17 Blue 10 Green 13 Red. Think I need to decide where to go first. The healing from Rise to the Occasion looks good but costs 10 points. It will allow me to augment Barrier though (do you suggest the first 2 augments on the left or go with all rounder?). I thought I probably won’t be shooting directly through it a lot anyway with this run and gun playstyle so the left 2 might suit better. The gun damage from the red tree looks good too though and there is some added healing from Donnybrook, although I noticed the healing is based on missing health where as RttO is based on max health (which is buffed by RR shield) so looks like it’s much better for survivability.

Decisions decisions! Thanks again for the help.

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Rise to the Occasion is special in that with the Rough Rider, you’ll always have 5% Health regen :slight_smile:

I used All-Rounder because I was playing with someone else. However, since you can pick up the Barrier and wear it, the All-Rounder shield will protect your backside. If you don’t use the Augment and pick up the shield, it’ll just protect the front.

I usually use All-Rounder with Nanites and some ■■■■■ for survivability. You can mix and match. Another popular combination is All-Rounder with Deterrence Field and “Bully” the enemies away from you.

Hope this helps you further. As always, experiment and have fun! :smiley:

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