Levelling after 50

So I have completed the game on play through 1 and 2, and I am level 51. Now, I saved all the DLC’s until the end. I have gone to play the DLC’s and I’ve noticed that I have been levelling up insanely slow. I only gained one level from playing through pirates booty and campaign of carnage. Also from killing enemy’s I am only getting around 60xp even at level 51. Is this right or has my levelling system glitched? I feel like this is such a low amount of xp and it is taking ages to level up.

Hey Sam,

Pretty much just do all the main missions and side quests for BL2+DLC. A lot of quests will give 20k+ xp. But yeah it is incredibly slow compared to under lvl 50.

You need to understand how much xp it takes to level up after 50.
Going from 50-61 takes about the same xp as it does to go from 0-50.

Then 61-72 takes the same as 50-61. It’s meant to be slower, but that’s where UVHM comes in. Once you get to level 70, it takes FOREVER to get to 72.

0-25 is easy.
25-50 isn’t too bad. After that, it’s a slog. If you can’t find someone to help power level you, the easiest way I’ve found is to run through UVHM and reset each time after you open up Liar’s Berg and do the Clearing the Berg mission. Do those two all day and you’ll level up fairly quickly, all things considered. Those are two quick (and first) early missions you get that you can just keep resetting. It’s a beating after a while, but effective when you don’t have people leveling you.