Hey all, looking to have someone run through TVHM with me at the moment. Will be on for the next 4-5 hours.

If you’ve got legendaries from previous saves im happy to trade with you for them too.

Drop GTs below if you’re interested!

Got lvl 58 and 20. Gt: saintlygrud
Edit: sorry thought it was uvhm

No worries man.

Don’t suppose you’d be willing to run me through a few warrior runs for a bit of xp? Bit under levelled atm.

i could use a low leveled conference call for my new characters i just started, gt: sliverthis

Read again, I’m asking for Legendaries, not handing out.

I’ve got a level 17 Gub I can trade you if you’re interested.

my response was to your warrior run for xp, i have legendaries, just don’t have a lot of low leveled ones for my new characters.

Sorry mate I’ll be getting off for the evening now, but please make it clear what you’re offering/looking for as I’m not 100% certain what you’re after.

i was saying that you had asked to be ran through a couple of warrior runs for xp, i need a lower level conference call…i can run you through the warrior no problem but i want the conference call when/if it drops.

ahhh okay that makes sense!
My apologies.
Next time I’m on I’d be more than happy to do that with you.