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Hey all!

Old Mordecai player here who’s returning. I missed tossing my bugged Bloodwing into buildings and roads, so I thought I’d come back and throw DT into stuff and shoot things! Glad to be here, and gz with the new forum layout! The old yellow one sure was… well, yellow.

I have a question because I’ve forgotten how the levelling works:

  • I have to be as close to lvl 50 when im done with TVHM, right? (I know there’s 1 bazillion threads about this topic, but the answers get lost in people arguing about best builds etc)

  • I just did what we have to do in the wildlife preservation center, and im lvl 43. Is that okay?

I have all the dlcs’s stored and ready to load but I’ve seen people saying that I should wait with those and focus the story so I dont enter uthvm without any good gear?

Shooting regards

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Hi, Don. Old Lilith player here :smile:

I have taken all the characters through TVHM multiple times and have never failed to hit L50. In fact, I’m usually a little over-levelled. Providing you do all the missions, you won’t have a problem. By all means, leave any side missions, with rewards you particularly want, until you hit L50. Personally, I don’t bother and get by in UVHM perfectly well (and I’m not a brilliant shooter :slight_smile: )

I will now teach you how to suck eggs :smile: Sorry if you know this already. Do you realise that UVHM is different to Playthrough 2.5 in BL1? When you move to UVHM, the main campaign resets and you can do it again at the higher level. Whereas, with PT2.5 you could wander around the original campaign world, and shoot things, but without missions. Hence, you needed the DLCs to play story missions and continue to level up.

Typically, I play: Normal/NVHM main campaign, TVHM main campaign, UVHM main campaign, UVHM campaign DLCs, UVHM Headhunter packs. If the character is up to it, I might do a bit of Overpowering before the Headhunter packs :slight_smile:

If this is news to you, you might also not realise that level cap increases do not come with the campaign DLCs, like BL1. You will need the two Ultimate Vault Hunters Upgrade Packs, each of which give you a level cap rise of 11. So, the maximum level in BL2 is L72 (ignoring Overpower levels but you can worry about those later :slight_smile: ).

Again, apologies if you knew this stuff already, I just wasn’t sure from your post. However you choose to play the the game, I wish you good luck and have fun.

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I get to 50 just before UVHM.

Then I ONLY play necessary story Missions (And a few to open areas and baddiez, like No Vacancy, Good Bad Mordecai) Then I do OP. Once I am at 8 I get the rest of the goodies.

Yo you there with a grey beard

  1. I dont do side missions with blue rewards, only doing those who just gives eridium (eggs?!)
    and that’s because it’s a good idea to save those for when im in uvhm? Because then they’ll be better?

  2. Are Tiny Tina’s assult, Hammerlock and captain scarlett and her mighty booty “UVHM campaign DLCs”?

As Greybeard said, they reset, they ALL reset. Don’t worry about completing missions in NVHM or TVHM.

THOUGH wait till the end of TVHM for the good misssions so the good gear is levelled enough to go into UVHM.

There are also some tricks like:
Leaving Rocko’s Modern Strife, Doctors Orders, and Animal Rights open for loot midjet Farming.
Leaving Treasure Of The Sands open (using a mule) to get good gear.

Missions you want to do last are:
Uncle Teddy
Real Boy (Part 3)
Don’t Copy That Floppy
The one that gives you SandHawk (I forget the name)
The one that gives you the sword shotgun (forget the name again)

This is a great way to get good gear like DPUH, Nukem, and (Sticky Homing) Bonus Package. Using a mule helps this too.

Do you play on Xbox?

If so I’d be happy to lend a hand/muscle (also I can grab equips for you from my mules).

Once you are all leveled and the missions completed I could use some help farming Vermi.

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1- any missions with quest rewards that you save for level 50+ in TVHM will be scaled at level 50 when you get them (random loot drops still have a chance to be +/- 2 levels of your character). Depending on the item and the character even unique and legendary gear will start to become under powered once you hit the mid 50 levels. Since slag is so vital in UVHM any weapon that gives you that element is something you might want to hold on to. The missions themselves won’t carry over of course- you’ll actually start just outside Claptrap’s place in UVHM. IMO the best gear to farm for in TVHM before entering UVHM would be the Slagga, a Tiny Tina grenade mod and the best adaptive/absorb shield you can get…

2- Neither of the 4 main dlc are UVHM exclusive so you can play them whenever- just be aware that they all have minimum suggested level requirements. Mr Torgue and Capt Scarlett have recommended starting levels of 15 while Tiny Tina and Sir Hammerlock suggest being at least level 30. Good luck and remember, “No refunds!” :sunglasses:

Sadly, Im on pc but thank you for your advice

The reason most people want to be at level 50 when they start UVHM, is so that they can make the most of the nice drops they got from TVHM. Since those drops are max level 50, they will soon be obsolete in UVHM. There are a few guns that will do the job a bit longer, but by the time you hit level 55, most of them will feel a bit weak.

Going into UVHM at a higher level simply means that you will have to rely on whatever comes your way in the game right from the start. It’s tougher, ofc, but sooner or later you will have to deal with this fact anyway.

Level 43 after WEP sounds like you’re right on the money in my book. The side missions after may feel a bit easy, but you’ll be on par for the story missions.

:acmaffirmative: Great way to boost your firepower if RNG decides to stick it to you!

Some of the blue rewards are just that - blue rarity items. The ones you probably want are the blue uniques. There’s a comprehensive list of special effect weapons on the wiki, which includes the related side quest or mission.

This one can back-fire easily, because it’s a main story mission within the first DLC (Captain Scarlett). One thing to remember is that the level of a mission reward is set when you accept the mission, but story missions auto-advance. The key mission is therefore the one before! So do DLC 1 up to the mission “Woops” “Crazy About You”, but do NOT turn that one in until you are level 50. That will make the next mission “Crazy About You” “Whoops” level 50 when you start it, so you’ll get the level 50 reward. And yes, it’s worth it, because the Sand Hawk is a monster (especially a shock one with the ‘Flying’ prefix).

Edit: Fixed, thanks to ole Eagle-eye @Ronnie_Rayburn

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Actually, it’s the other way around. The Sandhawk is the quest reward for “Whoops!”, so you should wait until you’ve reached level 50 before you turn in the mission “Crazy about you”. But apart from that… Yeah!

I made this mistake my first go around. My play style was always to be over levelled for what I am currently doing. I was at the point where levelling in TVHM is fruitless (close to 60) when I started UVHM. Lets just say KnuckleDragger slapped me around like a little bitch. I was scrambling for whites just to be close to effective. I definitely came into my own while playing in UVHM.




That’s never a good idea! Fdirst… :coffee: and then… posting! :smiley:

I guess the text in the cutscene finally made sense. That must have hurt!

Just my pride. :frowning:

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The gun is the SWORDSPLOSION and the mission is “The Sword In The Stoner” given by Roland after the main story of TTAoDK.

But should I start them and complete them up untill the final quest in the line, or just dont accept them?

This: don’t accept any quest with a reward you want at max level until you have completed main story TVHM. Reward level is locked at the level for the misson at the time you accepted it; it does not change when the game resets all the maps to level 50 after completing main story. Got burned on that a couple of times…