Levelling Up from 72/OP8?

So, What is the smartest move for me here? Should I go to Dig Peak first with level 72 character and wait until I am OP10? I just don’ t know what the hell to do lol. Should I just use an OP8 character and reset my play-through totally on that one? Like what is going to take me less time to get my end result in farming OP10 gear? lol Do we get skill points for the extra levels 72-80 or no? Like I just feel so lost lol

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If you’ve already installed the new DLC, you won’t be able to do that. You can problem just run it as a normal UVHM run, but your OP unlocks won’t be available until you hit level 80.

Yes. I’d start by running the new DLC - lots to do there, and XP gain is pretty good.

Okay so if i start with my level 72 character in the DLC and dont start OP at all yet, What happens when I want to start my OP? I have to run Dig peak 10 times? lol I ran the new DLC with the BS level 30 character just to do a test run before i knew what to do with my higher characters.

@shade543 - I’m at work so can’t help you personally atm. But.

Get to level 80 however you feel like. DLC, whatever. You can’t run the Peak before 80 (and gain OP levels).
Run the Peak and regear as you need.
Stop at OP8!!!
OP10 is much much more difficult I understand. I don’t advise any newer players attempt it.

I really appreciate you guys trying to help me out. Thank you, its good to have people to talk to about this crap.
so I wouldnt consider myself a new player really lol. this is just my like 100th time playing lol. I love Borderlands and have been playing since the games came out. I just never went to OP levels, so when i decided i wanted to, i just started a new character over and have been farming hard ever since, getting all the perfect items that i wanted and just messing around. As we all know, that in itself can take months lol. You guys aren’t going to OP10? lol you think its a bad idea?

I’ll get my 6 there because I can - but highly unlikely I’ll play there. OP8 is the right level of difficulty.

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Not inherently, just managing expectations for someone who hasn’t run Digistruct Peak yet. OP8 is hard AF; the next two levels are brutal… this is the knife fight to which everyone else brought guns. When you get to a point in the game where your next move would be OP10, you’ll know if you’re ready (and probably if it’s the right move for you).

Isnt it kind of all about the gear?

Not in the OP levels. Enemies get damage reduction starting around OP2. By OP8, they take 55% less damage (factoring in their increased health and your increased gun damage). So they’re much harder to kill and slag becomes increasingly mandatory. In theory OP10 will be 65% damage reduction.

Also your health does not increase in the OP levels making you much more susceptible to DoTs.

So basically enemies become increasingly stronger while you become increasingly weaker. Kind of.

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So does it almost seem smarter to start the DLC with an OP8 character that already has 0P8 gear? Then once you hit level 80, you go back to OP8 right and then just have to do two more DP runs for OP 10? or is that wrong lol

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Well it’s all game, but it’s generally best to do quest reward quests at max level. I don’t know the new DLC well enough but of all the significant quest rewards in the game (vanilla + DLCs 1-4) the only mandatory one is for the Sandhawk. Meaning you can run as much of the story otherwise.

Whichever floats your boat but remember it’s a grind getting to OP8. I’m not even sure I’d be able to unlock OP10 without help. Maya could probably to it solo.

So that’s a lot of time farming new gear every 2-3 levels. Somehow I feel like I’m rambling and not answering your question. Oh well.

LOL its okay, we are just both talking it out and trying to figure it all out lol. It was a dumb design lol. But when you said quest rewards, yes there are good ones in the new DLC, so you are saying what? Dont even start that until I am a level 80? lol OP? Im confused lol.

Just saying don’t take any quests that give you a reward that you want (say, X Marks the Spot for an Orphan Maker) until you’re at max level. But these are all optional. Do the story if you want but leave side quests til the end.

Again, I know nothing about the new DLC. I’m actually playing now but am only a bit into it.

If you need to know any good stuff from the DLC weapon or mission wise Im here for ya lol

I guess max level for me is either 0P10 (using my already OP8 character that i have perfect items for) or using my level 72, but waiting until i am a level 80 to start the DLC, this is all too confusing and BS if you ask me lol

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Tell that to my 72 Maya fully decked out in 72 ahem “Flying” colors.

Or preach it to her, rather.

She’s your choir bae.