Levels and Loot

**I want to have tvhm scale for more casual gameplay **

I think it would be better balanced if enemies and loot scaled to whatever level the character is rather than being forced to play uvhm. It could be for players looking for more casual gameplay while being to switch to uvhm when they want a more extreme challenge

If you keep playing in TVHM then yes, your character will keep levelling up (although increasingly slowly, maxxing out at about 56-ish) while all the loot and enemies stays at level 50. That’s about as close to a casual mode as you can get unless you do dive into UVHM and push through to UVHM.

I think what might work better is if there was a way with the Handsome Collection to disable XP gain and level progression after hitting level 50 in TVHM.

Note that, as things stand, each mission in TVHM has a range of levels it can be, depending on the player level when they advance to that mission. So if you do a bunch of DLCs (or even just one) after completing NVHM, you’ll be over-levelled at the beginning; the level scaling does catch up at the mid-point of the story, but only if you skip side quests.

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There’s the rub : skip all side quests and DLCs to avoid excessive levelling defeats the purpose of playing in the first place.
The Mutator area in TPS can make this even more extreme.