Levels? I seem to be higher than the storyline

My highest level character is 52, and I am currently enjoying discovering Krieg (at level 32). I notice this: If I do all of the side quests (which I don’t, I do about 80% of them), my level is too high for the main story. I haven’t even done all the DLC yet, since in NVHM and TVHM it does not scale to your level, but stays static, and I feel that I am cheating a bit. I love the fact that this game has so much content, but the only down side is that not everything scales (so far) and there is more content than levels. I’d like to do the side missions (they are fun!), and the DLC (ditto), but am I supposed to wait for UVHM for that? Or am I missing something obvious?

You’re not missing anything. The game has an unfortunate catch-22, in that you can’t afford the xp to do more than one DLC before UVHM, but when you do try the DLC in UVHM you’ll probably get destroyed since all the fights are new to you but the enemies are as tough as they get. And the beginning of UVHM is considered the toughest part of the game, too.

There seem to be three main options. You can play through the DLCs on other characters; by the time you have four at level 35+ you’ll have done all four DLCs roughly on level. You can set the DLCs aside until the 60s or even level 72, when additional skill points and gear might make first encounters more feasible than in the low 50s. Or you can go back and do the DLCs in NVHM or TVHM while massively overleveled, which will at least show you the general flow of the missions, what the terrain is like, etc.

Speaking for myself, my Axton got stuffed at the start of both the Torgue and Hammerlock DLCs (the two I haven’t done before) in UVHM. My Maya got to Motor Momma in the Torgue DLC, and is doing fine so far in Hammerlock’s, almost level 54 now.


I usually recommend people to stay away from the dlc’s until they’ve passed the main story in TVHM. Then do all the dlc’s in TVHM. You’ll end up at level 54-ish after that. This will make UVHM feel really hard in the beginning, and the reasons for that are A) Enemies scale to your level and enemies are tougher. B) Your skill tree is somewhere around 50 - 54 which means your character isn’t at full capacity yet, and C) Your guns and equipment are still at level 50, so they will start falling behind very soon (if that hasn’t already happened). The top tier guns will still do the job, but eventually, they too will be obsolete.

How to deal with this?

Loot is generally much better in UVHM, so that’s the straight forward method.

Another way is to go farm for Torgue tokens in Pyro Pete’s bar. If you have done this dlc in NVHM, you can go there with your level 50 character and farm the crap out of it. After that, you start the Torgue dlc in UVHM, and farm the Torgue vending machine for something nice.

Start the Mercenary day HH-pack in UVHM, and farm the train. Tinder Snowflake is not too much trouble.


I’m currently playing both a new Sal and Zero and can say that while doing all the side quests will make you over leveled for parts of the main story by the time you hit Hero’s Pass the enemies should be back to your level (I finished with Sal at level 35 in part due to using the Moxxie’s Endowment relic while Zero has just hit level 30 entering into Sawtooth Cauldron). While doing all the side quests make certain quest rewards useless pretty fast at least you get an idea of what to save for the highest levels when you hit UVHM…

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Hey thanks much!
Sorry this probably sounds stupid but I thought Pete’s only yields tokens when there’s a quest active there? I mean I’ve never had much luck in Petes (I can survive but I can never get the third round in time, or maybe I just don’t understand it right), I only get a smattering (5-6?) of tokens there…?

You won’t get many tokens from the enemies in the bar (only badasses drop them, if I’m not mistaken). It’s the tokens you get as a reward for turning in the Tier 3 Rematch: Bar Room Blitz mission that really make it worthwhile for that purpose. If I’m not mistaken, you get 20 tokens every time you turn it in and you can take that mission as many times as you like. It’s one of the few repeatable missions in the game. If you add the tokens from the badasses to that amount, you’ll get 25-26 tokens every time you complete it. You’ll need to do it about 25 times to get the amount needed to buy a legendary in the Torgue machines.

Also, you don’t need to kill every enemy in the bar to complete the mission. Only the badasses. They only spawn on the top floor and in the room behind the bar. Shoot someone to start the timer and go up the stairs immediately. Kill all the badasses there. When they stop coming out of the doors, go down and kill the badasses on the ground floor. If you’re doing it in normal mode, you’ll finish it with time to spare.


^^^ What he said; also, the max tokens is 999 so once you hit 850+ you might want to spend some on the occasional class mods or skins that you might not have yet…

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