Leviathan Advice Needed

So I am playing UVHM for the first time, as well as my first foray into the Pirate DLC. I am currently level 58 Maya and I can’t kill the Leviathan, so I am looking for advice. I get the process of how I should be able to kill the thing, shoot the blue areas. But it takes me a long time to burst those things. In the mean time the Leviathan is able to hit me with it’s various attacks and kill me. The farthest I have gotten is bursting two of the blue areas while hiding behind the concrete barrier. Even there he is able to hit me and kill me. When that happens I can’t kill the worms because I am behind the barrier.

At this point I am trying to up my gear, but I am wondering if there are other strategies that I should try.


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There is a cheese spot, behind the rocks near the entrance to the area, where you can be pretty much immune to Leviathan’s attacks and the worms won’t spawn (or at least not as much). I would not feel bad about using that, especially at level 58 (since you really need to get up to level 60/61 to have the skill points to really open up the game.)

In addition to hitting those blue sparkly bits, make sure you’re using the right element (I think fire works best on Leviathan?) I’ve had good success with a mixture of the Greed, Good Touch, and a nice fire sniper rifle. I haven’t tried this that I remember, but I suspect AoE grenade mods like the quasar, Tesla, etc. would be good - especially ones that arc to critical hit locations.

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Can you give us an idea of what sort of weapons and build you’re using because it’s hard to be specific about strategy if we don’t know what we have to work with.

Here’s a link so that you can share your build, just fill it out and send the new link back to us.

Secondly I really feel for you as levels 57 to 60 are some probably the hardest in UVHM and the Leviathan isn’t the most accomadating of Maya’s strengths.


Fair enough. This is what I am currently running:

Weapon wise: Harlod, Slagging Blue SMG, Slag Rocket Launcher, the unique SMG that does fire (I forget the name), I just got the Bad Touch from Moxxie (acid), maliwan snipper slag.
Shield - nothing special
Relic - blue health (I do have a purple element resitance)
Class- Legendary Siren
Grenade - fire with health returned.

And yeah…Maya’s phase lock doesn’t help against the worms or the big beast. And slag doesn’t seem to do anything against the Leviathan.

Most of my fighting involves the SMG Slag and switching to Harlod which doesn’t seem to be a valid mode of attack in this fight.

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The Harold is a horrible weapon for this fight. It’s too bad you don’t have Ruin available - my memory of this fight is that the slag blast on phaselock (even though Leviathan can’t be “bubbled”) helps. The fire transfusion isn’t bad, but the trade-off with transfusion grenades generally is lower damage compared to, say, the AoE variant. You really want weapons that let you hit the crit spots with as many rounds as possible but, apart from the unique SMG (Good Touch? Hellfire?) you don’t really have anything that fits the bill well. The slag SMG will do the job, but not as efficiently as a fire weapon would.

Did you grab Scarlett’s Greed before you headed out to meet the Leviathan? She drops it in the pool where you fight Roscoe just as she vanishes. It would definitely hep you out. If you use the cheese spot, you won’t have to worry about health as much so you could switch out the relic for something that will boost your damage (fire damage boost would be good).

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I did pick that up. So basically I need to swap out my weapons. And yes I do have the Hellfire, that is the unique that I couldn’t remember the name. I don’t have the Good Touch, just the bad touch. I’ll try not to cheese it, but i will keep that in my back pocket.

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I have to agree about the Harold not being the right weapon. Maybe just save it for the worms and see what works best out of the Greed and Hellfire.

Other thing is do you possibly have the Sandhawk that Scarlet gave you after completing Whoops? and if so what element is it?

Just a more general note I would highly recommend you experiment with 1 point in Accelerate and 5 in suspension.


I have read how good Sandhawk is but I must say that I am not that impressed yet. I have an acid one and it seems to shoot in a weird burst mode. It does not have a constant fire mode, it feels a bit like a Jacobs in fact. Maybe I was unlucky and got a bad one? Is there a way to farm more of them?

Before I found the legendary siren I had a +5 to suspension and I was rely on that so I could use my points else where. So yes, I probably should respect that, now that I switched to legendary siren. I don’t think that will help with this fight unless I misunderstand something.

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Ah, if it’s Corrosive the Sandhawk isn’t going to be useful here. Once you’re out of Scarlet’s DLC go find some loaders and experiment with the sandhawk there and I’m sure you’ll get a better idea of why it is so highly rated.

Suspension won’t help in this fight but in general it is extremely useful and Accelerate is a smaller boost to damage than you might think.

Unfortunately I don’t have any great ideas about how to approach the fight. Just slowing down a bit and making sure that you prioritize safety is probably the best bet as the Leviathan lacks any really strong attacks, so it’s just about winning the war of attrition and not being reckless. If you have both the Hellfire and Greed then you should be fine for Ammo and the worms also drop plenty.


It’s a Dahl, so burst mode is a given. If you fire will aiming down sights, it’ll pack way more punch. What makes it really powerful is that it has unlisted pellets (the extras you see making a flying bird outline). Every one that hits acts as a powerful damage multiplier, especially if you have a Bee shield (since the Bee’s amp damage is applied to each pellet rather than split between them.) Still not a great weapon for this particularly fight since you’re not going to be able to land more than one pellet in each burst on several of the crit points (and corrosive is the wrong element - Leviathan will have corrosive resistance.) As @Prismatic said, though, try it out on the loaders in Washburne Refinery (as an example)…


My suggested build but ONLY for this fight as I believe the worms can’t be phaselocked. A fire Bone of the Ancients and a Cat/L. Cat com would work better if you’re going to use the Hellfire. Since you want to save your SMG ammo for the Hellfire I’d suggest using the SR as a slag source, mainly because SR have the highest chance to slag of all weapon types IIRC. A slag Bouncing Betty would be a good choice for the worms when they appear.

As for a shield what kind of adaptive shields do you have available? Heck, even a turtle shield might be good for this fight. Again, if you’re saving the Hellfire for the Leviathan then having some type of AR or shotgun on hand to deal with the worms would help save that SMG ammo while also using a pretty deep ammo pool in the AR’s case. Last but not least I believe there is another somewhat safe spot in that arena- it’s the area right in front of the gate you enter when you respawn. Press back as far as you can against the gate and the only attacks that should hit you would be direct hits- sidestepping to the left or right should keep you safe w/o taking splash damage (I think- I tend to only do the initial fight and rarely return for the second match…). Hope this helps…


Or a slag transfusion, if OP feels they need the healing still.

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How far have you gotten in the fight? Here’s what you’re in for:

  • Aim for the eyes (as you’ve been doing), and dodge his attacks. His spray shouldn’t be hard to dodge, and he broadcasts his rock attack so you can get moving to stay out of their way. I think the rocks fall in a scattered pattern depending on where you are standing when they’re tossed, so when you see him reaching for a mouthful of dirt, get to one side of the area. When they’re released, move to the other. I’m not 100% on this, but moving as far as you can when they’re released really helps.

  • After the eyes die, he’ll spawn a queen worm with a bunch of other worms being added. The Leviathan will still attack, but I seem to recall that the attacks were less frequent. Anyway, after you kill one, he’ll spawn in another.

  • When they’ve both been killed, you’ll go back to regular worm v. Leviathan combat, but the remaining eye is hidden. When it reaches for a mouthful of rocks and tosses them, it will hold its mouth in the air for a moment, revealing a final eye under the mouth, but only for a moment, so you need to be able to get some shot on this eye while dodging the falling rocks.

Try to focus only on the Leviathan eyes (besides the queens), or you’re just sort of stalling for combat - the worms will always be there and you’ll just burn ammo (though that combat can be fun in its own way once you get the hang of it).

Also, weapons with fast travel speed (as in, not an Unkempt Harold, anything Torgue, Twister, Sandhawk… you get the idea) are needed to hit those long-distance shots. You could probably pull these off with +11 in Velocity though. Anyway, there is always the cheese spot that @VaultHunter101 mentioned, though I think at least one of the eyes on the far side of the Leviathan will require you to come out from behind cover.


With all the advice I gave it a try. I must say that I did much better. Still died. :slight_smile:

But i had the chest and one eye down. Using the moxie gun to bring back health. Mostly using Greed which seems slow going but obviously did better. Slag really seems to have no effect. I did respec and I did not notice ruin taking effect. Still it will probably help with the worms.

Sustenance is interesting in that it does help but is really slow. Is there a point were that skill is of any real use? It makes sense to having it now since it is my only way (outside of moxxie) to get health back, but it doesn’t seem to help enough to ever really be useful.

With a little luck and this advice I think I can get this done. Might take a while.


If I was playing a very aggressive Siren (where I would reliably be very low on health), I might use this skill. Elated, Life Tap, and Sweet Release, while conditional, are so much more safely available.

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I don’t know if this is the same cheese spot as described, but there a small ledge on the right of the area where I go, none of its attacks hit, and the sand worms stay in the ground

When you’ve got all the spot, kill the worms (there’ll be quite a few) kill queen, then you can go back to the spot

I’ll see if I can get some screenshots at some point because I feel my description isn’t very good

Edit: a link I found from a quick YouTube search, uses the described method https://youtu.be/O4OTwOaqzyg

Pretty sure I discovered this by getting hit there or something (not saying I was the first though)

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You guys will love this bit of stupidity. I was down to the last spot to burst, having killed the two queens.

Looking up, firing at the spot, he throws some rocks in the air. While looking up I decide to run to avoid them. Yes I fell off the plateau to my death. All the advice has been great, but it can’t save me from my stupidity. :crazy_face:

As an aside that video was interesting but it make me realize that I need something with a bit more punch.


Love it because I can relate to it! :smiley:
… And thanks for the question. Still haven’t done the Leviathan in UVHM and the info here will definitely help me in the near future.


Use a Lady Fist to hit his crit spots.

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Blood of the Seraphs relic used with 5 points in Sustenance will greatly improve your constant health regen.

You can get it from the Seraph vendor in Oasis for 50 seraph crystals in tvhm. However, you may need someone to help you farm the cryatals.

I don’t mind helping you beat Leviathan or farm crystals. My psn is my name here …

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