Leviathan stuck at ~25% health [PC]


I’ve just tried beating Leviathan in 4 person COOP at OP10, we tried that twice (exited the game in between attempts). Both times it happened same way: after shooting out the eyes, his health stopped going down. Hitting the heart showed damage stats next to the shot impact spot, but his health bar was stuck (see screenshot). We were killing sandworms and shooting the heart over and over again, no change.

Anybody had this happen?

When you say ‘heart’, do you mean the large one on the chest (which would be invisible in that screen shot since it would be below the cliff edge), or do you mean the one you can just see peaking through the mouth? If the latter, you have to wait for the mouth to open and the inner head to come out to expose it. That seems to happen on a timed basis (?) but it can take a while. I’m not sure exactly what triggers each move, but the final health damage can only be done once that small final crit spot is in the open.

I mean the thing on the chest.

I wonder if it’s just a glitchy health bar display then? There’s a couple of game bosses where the bar doesn’t drop continually the way you think it should. Unless the OP10 scaling has screwed up the hit points somehow, you should be able to take out the chest as well. Maybe try targeting the chest first next time, just to see if that resolves the issue?