Leviathan treasure room

So I beat the Leviathan at level 17. I’m new to this game and didn’t see the Treasure in treasure room so I turned in mission. Would I be able to get back?

it does allow you to do it a second time and you can also do it again in TVHM and UVHM (if you go that far). The treasure in the Treasure Room is on top of the pyramid like structure in various chests- you have to climb to the top to get to them.

You can do the last mission of the DLC one more time, which will give you access to the treasure room.

The mission is from the Oasis board.

So you really can’t farm the treasure room over and over like the snowman in hh pack? I just did it on op2 a couple days ago and didn’t get one Orange weapon. Is that common or did I get ripped?

I have done the Treasure room a few times over several characters, I think I have only ever got 1 Legendary.

The Train is far easier to Farm, for a start there’s no friggin climbing.

There was a way to farm the treasure room but it may have been patched (although supposedly not turning the quest in would allow you to farm it). I never got a legendary from the Treasure Room either and I’ve done it more than a few times…

I’ll stick with the snowman then.