LF: 0m Shield, Stagecoach, Good JuJu with SNTNL anointment H: Small Collection of Zane Gear and ASE Items

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in trading.

The items I am looking for:

0m Shield (SNTNL 15 Movement Speed)

Stagecoach (SNTNL 100 Cryo, Prefer high pellet version)

Shock Craps (SNTNL 100 Cryo, Prefer Large mag size)

Kinectic / Corrosive Scourge (SNTNL 100 Cryo)

Kinectic / Radiation Moonfire (SNTNL 100 Cryo)

Cryo / Radiation Good JuJu (SNTNL 100 Cryo, Scope is must)

My Collection:


Shock Craps (Barrier 60 Accurate / 70 Crit, Mag Size 8)

Cryo Craps (Clone Swap 130 Damage, Mag Size 5)

Kinectic Craps (50 Radiation on ASE, Mag Size 6)

Kinectic Tediore Purple Pistol (5% Damage for each kill anointment, 3 MIRV Homing)

Cryo Devil Foursum (125 Splash on ASE)

Corrosive Queens Call (SNTNL 100 Cryo)

Lucky 7 x2 (Barrier 60 Accurate / 70 Crit, Ammo Regen when Clone active)

Maggie x3 (25 Crit on ASE, 50 Cryo on ASE, 250 Phasecast)


Shock Redistributor (100 Damage on ASE, Large Mag Size)

Corrosive Redistributor (130 Clone Swap)

Night Hawkins x2 (Barrier 60 Accurate / 70 Crit, 130 Clone Swap)

Fire / Shock Kybs Worth (100 Damage on ASE)

Fire / Corrosive Kybs Worth (125 Splash on ASE)

Fire Cutsman (50 Radiation on ASE)

Shock / Corrosive Cutsman (125 Damage to Badass on ASE)


Alchemist (SNTNL 100 Cryo)

Q system (SNTNL 100 Cryo)

Fire Good JuJu (130 Clone Swap)

Shock Rowan Call (50 Cryo on ASE)

Radiation Rowan Call (SNTNL 100 Cryo)

Corrosive Dictator (5% Damage on Each Kill, x3)

Kinectic Dictator (50 Radiation on ASE, x6)

Carrier (100 Damage on ASE, Tracker Dart)


Radiation Purple Everblast++ (Consecutive hit anointment, 4 MIRV Homing)

Shock Purple Everblast++ (Terror health regen, 4 MIRV Homing)

Kinectic Purple Everblast++ (130 Clone Swap, 4 MIRV Homing)

Fire Purple Everblast++ (4 MIRV Homing)

Brainstormer (Gamma burst, x7)

Kill o the wisp (100 SNTNL CRYO, 300 Phaseslam, Gamma burst)

Fire / Corrosive Recursion (50 Corrosive on ASE, x2 Pellet)

Shock / Cryo Recursion x2 (50 Fire on ASE, 130 Clone Swap)

Cryo Purple Protuberance (Airborne 30 Damage, x2 Pellet)

Rocket Launcher:

Cryo Scourge (50 Cryo on ASE)

Radiation Scourge (125 Splash on ASE)

Shock Lump (125 Damage to Badass on ASE)


0.m. Shield x3 (50 Corrosive on ASE, 50 Radiation on ASE, Barrier active instant recharge)

Rough Rider (50 Shock on ASE, +80 Melee)

Big Boom Blaster (50 fire on ASE, +23 Reload and + 10 Movement Speed when depleted)

Recharger (SNTNL 15 Movement Speed)

Transformer x2 (50 Cryo on ASE, SNTNL 15 Movement Speed)


Piss gerande (50 Radiation on ASE)

Seein Dead:

(2 DB, 3 PD)(Splash Damage, Shotgun Damage, DAHL Critical Damage)

(2 DB, 2 VV, 1 PD)(Gerande Damage, AR Damage, Jakobs Critical Damage)

(2 DB, 2 VV, 1 PD)(18 Critical Damage, SMG Damage, Reload Speed)

(2 DB, 2 VV, 1 PD)(Tediore Reload Speed, AR Damage, SMG Damage)

(3 DB, 2 PD)(25 Weapon Damage, 31 Pistol, 31 SMG)


Ice breaker otto idol (16 Shock Damage, 40 Mag Size, 25 Melee Damage)

I have 0.m Shield sntnl 15 and
kinetic scouge sntnl 100%cryo.

I’m looking for Doctator×6 w/rad
Crorrosive Queens Call Sntnl100

Psn: gogosungo

Sorry mate. Already received a 0m from others. Still didn’t get the scourge though. Which one would you want? Dictator or Queens Call?

Or if you have a one pump chump with SNTNL anointment, I would love to trade gor it.

Sorry I dont have one pump chump.
I wanna get Dictator.
Fr please.

Np. I will send friend request first but I could only send the guns to you at this friday night. Hope you don’t mind

No problem.