LF #1 Head Biotch


I’m in search of the #1 Head Biotch head skin for Aurelia. I know it drops from Felicity Rampant. I’ve been farming her for almost 10 hours at this moment and I’m just getting tired of it. I’m pretty sure it dropped once but I literally watched it drop through the map when it came out and I was furious so I’ve resorted to this.
Could someone please kindly provide me the head, I don’t have any good loot to spare or anything like that as I’m only level 20 at the moment. Just looking for someone to do me a solid.

Xbox One - GT: TruthfullyGrim

I think I remember something about the heads and skins only dropping during the mission but I could be wrong

I’m doing a fresh playthrough, if it drops I’ll keep it for you.

Aw man I would appreciate that, but that’s really good to know.
I have a secondary character who hasn’t reached that point in the story yet (almost there) so I’ll use him to try to farm the head in that case. But thanks a lot for the information.

@BTK420247 you’re on xbone now?

No, this was moved from the 360 play and trading section after I posted that.

I got a little excited thinking I might be able to coop with you. :slightly_smiling:

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