LF: +1 projectile lucian calls, shredifiers, rowans calls

have APPLY to terror: Quasar, storm front, re-charger, transformer, big boom blaster, red suit

Cryo recurring hex (apply terror on ASE) and (fire rate and damage on terror)

Fire Fearmonger x4 ( while terrified deal 50% cryo)

Engulfing super shredifier(fire) (125% to badass)
Engulfing super shredifier(fire) (next 2 mags bonus fire)

regen ammo terror: Big boom blaster, transformer, recharger

many siren anointed phasecast 250% (lyuda, crossraods, laser sploders, rowans calls, hellwalker,etc)

brainstormer(50% bonus cryo while terrified)

recurring cryo/rad/shock hex +1 grenade on ASE

god roll snowdrift victory rush (movement speed, cryo dmg, fire dmg)

vindictive ghast call

bonus 50% cryo sentinel anointed: Maggie, brainstormer,fire cutsman

God roll phasezerker class mod (+5 anima, weapon damage, weapon fire rate, damage reduction)

many more i can dupe for you

Have fire lucians with extra projectile

what you want for it? are you available right now? my gt: Shregs

Honestly the ammo regen big boom/transformer look great. Also so does the anima mod and snowdrift relic. Any of those ur willing to do. One of the shields if i have to choose

no prblem, im online RN gt: Shregs

Ok getting on. Ill send u a rqst.

thanks man

Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not welcome on this forum. Please read the forum rules before posting again. Thanks.