Lf 100 ase conference calls

Mostly corrosive and fire, but would like any.

I have a lot of level 53 gear to trade, so if you have one let me know

Is the CC any good or did I missed something? I know the wotan’s Head(Better or Upper half)Bug you can do with it and I saw SinTee having it sometimes on his loadout. I also know that the butcher got nerfed to the ground (Accuracy wise at least) and so the CC might now be a better version of it.
Or do you like the behaviour of the gun that much? I’m really interested in your answer.

For big targets its amazing, for flak and amara atleast. I have a phastcast fire one that 1 clip graveward with everytime. I have a corrosive consecutive hit one that kills the kracken in 2 to 3 seconds, also works great against wotan.

It is a very under rated bossing weapon and a super fun alternative to the cutsman, i will send you some clips on xbox.

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