Lf 100% ase corrosive and fire lucians call

I am looking for 100 % ase fire and corrosive lucians call …if u have extra to give my gt is froggy0928…if looking to trade pm me plz …also looking for 100% ase corrosive cutsman …

Hi, when you say 100% are you talking about the 125% ASE towards bosses, etc? I have full sets of those

Yeah looking for 100% damage after action skill end

Even the 125% ase to bosses would be awesome

ok, i may have some of the others as well. Will check when i get home form work.

Gt- xCaliburxxx

That would be awesome buddy ty

Hey buddy did u ever get to check on those

yes sir, i went to my bank and pulled out everything i had, i plan to email them when i get off work today. Or we can just meet up, found you both Lucians and Cutsmans

While i am at it today , anything else i should be looking for, got the cutsmans and the lucians

Awesome buddy no that sounds great …anything u looking for …I have lots of stuff …alot of new dlc stuff as well

My gt froggy0928…wasnt sure if I posted it lol

Check out your email. also sent you an xbox message