Lf 100 ASE MAGGIE, 300 SLAM MAGGIE, 100 RAKK MAGGIE PS4! Also looking for more 100% ASE and SLAM 300% Weapons I have hundreds of Anointed God Roll Legendaries to trade! Please let me know what u have and need to trade!

As stated in the title, hundreds of items you might need with rolls from 100%, 125%, 50% SNTNL, 100% RAKK, Some cast/slam anointed and more. I have new raid weapons/ shields/ nades anointed and mods. And I have tons of terror stuff too. I really need these maggie variations and SLAM 300% weapons. Please message me or leave a message if you have something to trade and want something that I probably have. Please be specific in the details of what you have and want to trade :smiley: I look forward to it :smiley:

i have spares of both maggies you are looking for. do you have… a recharger shield with +50% shock, a shock double penetrating boring gun with 100 damage ase, 125 splash damage ase, or either of those perks after exiting iron bear, any grenade with +50 percent radiation or what other 100 % or any other “meta” guns you have with the 100% on rakk attack

Is it the rakk attack maggie you have?

I have nighthawkin, crossroad, bekah, lyuda, and many others with rakk 100. Is the maggie the rakk weapon? I think I have the slam and 100 ase coming already

Got a Grenade with +50 Radiation and some really good ASE, RakkAtt and 125 to Badass weapons. eG Juliets Dazzle Cryo +300
I do need a Maggie +65 Gammaburst, a Maggie +50 Cryo and a Maggie with 125 to Badass.
U got one of these for trade?

I have all 3 of those maggies. You can add xmr_f123 and we can trade when I wake up tomorrow sometime

yea i have the rakk and the 100 ase maggie

Ive already traded for it sorry!

I have a 250 Cast Devil’s Foursum, Pestilence, and a 300 Slam Hornet if interested.