Lf 100 ase Maggie bekah

Have good stuff post must be 20 characters.

you got any mag size bloodletters or shock resist front loaders ?

Got Maggie

Looking for new DLC shields with 50% on ASE
And a Frozen Heart with 50% on ASE

I have the Bekah. Do you have anything from this list?

• Dictator x6 (Fire, Shock and Corrosive) - Bonus Damage and Reload Speed on Kill
• Lyuda (Fire, Corrosive and Cryo) - Bonus Crit or Bonus Cryo while Terrified
• Night Hawkin (Full Auto) - Bonus Cryo while Terrified
• Recurring Hex (Shock), Storm Front or It’s Piss - Bonus Fire Rate and Damage while Terrified
• Ice Breaker Deathless - Mag size and Cryo Damage

Shock bonus cryo on terrified lyuda

Storm front 50 rad all I got close on this list

Do have quasar with damage and fire rate

Weapon damage mag size grenade radius bloodletter

Sorry just started farming new dlc

No I don’t have a quasar with that

Have fire lyuda with cryo

While terrified? If so, that’ll work


Request sent

nice man i got the maggie still want?