LF 100% ASE Unforgiven

I’m looking for a specific Unforgiven, it must have;

1000+ Damage
432% Crit
100% Damage ASE

Can swap my one or if there’s something specific you are looking for let me know.


better but only for Zane

That’s a great roll but unfortunately I’m looking for this gun for my Fl4k. I didn’t realize the damage went up as high as yours, I’m going to update my original post to look for that.

It’s so silly that scoped Unforgiven has reduced damage, like scope is gonna make it overpowered

I didn’t realize the scope is what lowered the damage, that’s pretty silly.

Your one is great but the 432% Crit is really important for me because 99% of the time I use it for crit swapping. Every once in a while I muck around and shoot stuff with it because I think it’s a really fun gun to use, but I can’t give up all that crit just for a bit of fun. I think I actually have one just like yours in my bank but I never used it because I already had a few 432% ones.

I know I’m being really particular but it’s something I’m happy to wait for, it’s just a gun I’m looking for to use for a bit of fun every now and again.