LF 100%ase wedding invitation

Name your price! Will also accept pretty much any other ase annoints etc
PSN Burj13

Have several need a groll seeing dead mod lv53 or a messy break up sntnl movement lv53 or fire custman sntnl cyro lv53 or a snowdrift victory rush with mag and cyro dmg on it

LF:lvl 53 redistributor(sntnl)

A good lvl50 could do the work ??

Rowdy Unsporting Seein’Dead 	+28% Splash dmg +31% Shotgun dmg +15% Maliwan FR 	+2 Playing Dirty +1 Violent Violence +2 Donnybrook

I got multiple @Adrion54 @sunao93 as far as I know there has not been any cyro sntnl redistributors found.

Ive got a 100% cryo sentinel brainstormer if anyones interested?

I have one already

Gamma bust annointed fire conference call?

I’m also looking for ASE 100 dmg. Let me know if you’re interested in trading for either phaseslam or phasecast anoints (or 125 badass/boss or ASE cryo next 2 mags)

I think I have one what sntl cryo lvl 53 weapons do u have?