LF 100% cryo sntnl anointed; redistibutors, cutsmans, lobs & maggie. Have lots to trade

I have all of these to trade if you have what I’m looking for
epic ID, Imit8m3

Hey I added you on Epic, let’s see if we can trade some stuff
my Epic id is MangoLinus

FR accepted, what in particular did you want?


I’m looking for Transformer stnl and ice breaker victory rush relic.

Are you looking for others items that you listed? I have give free all my redist stnl, so I haven’t that you want!

Sorry, very specific items I’m looking for.
Do you have any lobs or cutsmans with sntnl anoint?
Or a x25 stagecoach with100%ase

As I say, I haven’t

Well at least make it interesting, what have you to trade?

Nevermind i just saw your lf post.
I’ll take the hellshock 100%ase and shock infinity 100%sntnl cryo.
Send me a a FR


Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention when i accepted the FR, what’s your epic / shift id?


Ok items sent.

Sent too! Thanks!!