LF 100% DMG ASE Redistributor & Good Fl4k Mods

Hello, I am looking for:
100% ASE Guns
Brainstormer - x14
Redistributor - Any element

Last Stand Loaded Dice Artifact; with pistol dmg + mag size

Class mods for Fl4k; Cosmic stalker, Bounty Hunter and St4ckbot with the stats listed below, any combination with 3 out of 4 stats.

Im looking for:

                weapon dmg / pistol dmg / jakobs crit dmg / magsize 

                weapon dmg / smg dmg / magsize / skill cooldown

                weapon dmg / sniper dmg / magsize / vladof crit dmg 

                weapon dmg / heavy dmg / magsize / vladof crit dmg

my epic id: Ferrum83

Here are some of my ASE guns

New Gamma Burst guns:

I have alot of other guns and stuff, tell me what you are looking for and I will see if I got what you need.

I have a ASE 100% Iron Willed Monocle I trade for the Q-System AR If your interested ? Holler at me, thanks

I tried to add you to friends @throttlewideopen33 but cant find you, what is your game name?

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My bad


I tried to add Whodat4life20 “Sorry, this account was not found”

Ha! Darn it, your on PC and the whole time im thinking PS4 ! My bad boss!

I may have ase monocle and cutsman. Add me: Margoraider

I’m looking for transformer with 50 ase except for fire and some Maggie with 50 or 100 ase

Hi @cram_010704 I got corosive transformer, and I added Margoraider to friend list.

Do you have 100 ASE or 100 rakk attack Conference Call? I have Lucky 7 and few Cutsmans. Also good DE4DEYE and Bounty Hunter, but not exactly what you are looking for

Ya I’ll add ya when I get home.

Are u still looking for Maggie?

Ya @bra2ha.

Look what I found for u


IMHO top COM for SMG
sent btw )

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the seeing dead version. You seem to be finding everything im looking for lol.

What ano on Maggie do u want?
Rakk, Bear, Gamma?

Was hoping for Amara. My only character lol

Didn’t found for Amara, sent some universal

@bra2ha thanks again!