LF 100% DMG ASE Redistributor & Good Fl4k Mods

@ghettob1aster993 I dont have conference call that you need, is there anything else you are looking for?

@bra2ha Hi, do you have Cutsman or Redistributor 100% ase or a good Bounty Hunter mod?

Also looking for SNTNL cryo anointed AR’s. Kaos (Fire/Cryo), Warlord (Fire/Non elemental) and Faisor (Rad/Cryo).

SNTNL cryo anointed shock Cutsman

ASE 100 or rakk attack 100 or ASE 125 named bosses fire King’s Call

ASE 100 Kill-o-the-Wisp

Updated the topic, added screenshots with more ASE guns and new Gamma Burst guns.