LF : 100% Rakk Attack items / Snowdrift with Luck and magsize *Updated*

Closed, got what i need for now

I have a 100% Rakk Rad Queens call if that fits your bill

depends only if it has no -weapon damage

I’d be interested in trading for your Rakk Attack

Trick Headsplosion
One Pump
Juliet’s Dazzle

id be interested in that layuda and deathless artifact

Sounds good you can add me.

PSN jorgeammo I will be on later today.

i had you added =) i just mail you the stuff and send back when you get on.

Sounds good.

I‘m interested in you 100% ASE corrosive Cutsman

For Flak I only have some great Rakk Pak mods if you still need some.

I have a binary shock mocking cutsman with charge speed and projectile speed rakk 100% . Looking for trick headsplosion and annexed cryo lyuda. With the same anoit. If you feel like sprinkling a rakk incendinary king call in there I wouldnt mind tis the mercenary season!

Honestly the trick headsplosion and cryo lyuda would be good though.

bump, updated.