Lf 100% RAKK Weapons PS4! I have hundreds of Anointed God Roll Legendaries to trade! Please let me know what u have and need to trade!

As stated in the title, i have basically everything you might need with rolls from 100%, 125%, 50% SNTNL, Cast, Slam anointed and more. I have new raid weapons/ shields/ nades anointed and mods. And I have tons of terror stuff too. I really need RAKK 100% weapons. Please message me or leave a message if you have something to trade and want something that I probably have. Please be specific in the details of what you have and want to trade :smiley: I look forward to it :smiley:

I have a 100% Rakk Atack Conference Call, Damned, and a Hellshock.

Looking for a 300% corrosive Cutsman and a 130% Digi-swap Maggie.

Sorry I guess i do not have everything just a lot haha. I do not have much zane stuff except 50% sntnl and I do not have any slam cutsmans but i do have a cast cutsman. Sorry!

Do you have a cryo the damned, Faisor, Lyuda, or Butcher in STNTL bonus cryo?

I have a lot of Rakk Attack 100% stuff now. Lyuda, Maggie, Companion, Faisor, Night Hawkin, Anarchist, Laser Solodar’s, and probably 15 others.

A cast Cutsman is fine.

EDIT: What SNTNL stuff do you have?

Got a crossroad with radiation and some other guns.

I need a transformer with dmg red, or action skill anoitmend, or a rowans/Lucian with 100 on skill end

I have a fire damage transformer, a action skill 20% transformer, and both rowan and lucians with 100. Let me know what you have to trade. You can add xMr_F123 If interested

I have a cryo faisor 50% SNTNL

This is all my SNTNL 50% Stuff:
Faisor (Cryo)
Cutsman (Fire)
Crossroad (Fire)
Crossroad (Cryo)
Dastardly Maggie
Lucian’s Call (Cryo) without scope
Night Hawkin (Cryo)
One Pump Chump
Rowan’s Call (Fire)
Shredifier (Cryo)
Speedloadin Hellwalker (Fire)
Star Helix (Cryo)
The Companion (Fire)
The Garcia

I’d love to trade for that. I have about 3 dozen Rakk Attack anointed guns, so if there is something specific let me know.

PSN jorgeammo

Is the shredifier the super Shredifier because i have that one? Would love to trade for single barreled shredifier with better accuracy.

I’m looking for a good Brainstormer with corrosive, and a Facepuncher with Melee, and a corrosive shredifier with bonus corrosive…

I have…

The Trevonator is radiation and cryo

Do you have any of these? Maggie, cutsman, crossroad, lyuda, brainstormer, laser-sploder, faisor, flakker, king’s/queens call, lucians/rowans, night hawkin, dictator, flood, duc, trick unforgiven? I am really just looking for lots of good weapons to try with rakk attack

Yes it is

I only have the facepuncher that you are looking for but I also have like melee healing artifacts and the brawler ward if interested. I also have lots of the new annointed weapons like the kybs and shields/nades with damage. I would really like your hellwaker, helix and queens call if there is anything else you need. You can add xMr_F123 if you would like to trade for that 1 at least

Three different laser slploders, a Maggie, the Unforgiven I have is Rakk Attack bonus Crit I believe. I have a couple of different Lyudas, a Crossroad. A Lucien’s call.

My stuff is all mixed up and I don’t remember what is anointed for 100%, extra charge, or extra Crit for Rakk Attack.

I would like the maggie for sure. Let me know if you think of anything else you might like. You can add xMr_F123 if you wanna trade. I can just mail it to you, I trust it.

I would also like a laser sploder, lyuda, and crossroad so let me know if you can think of anything else haha

Sure go ahead and add me and I can show you what I have it would be easier.

I have a 100% rakk attack queens call rebel yell and I’m looking for a red suit or radiation mirv cluster-f*ck exploder or a radiation surge