LF 125% splash or Moze splash or incendiary ogre(not auto bear)

Hey guys. If you have that sweet sweet Moze gear help me out. I’ve got some stuff for her, but my Moze needs some love. Let me know what you’re looking for in exchange and thanks! I probably have something you want!

Iron Bear with me I don’t speak Moze. Are these what you are LF?
Ogre x2
Ogre x2

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Do you have any more of those you’d like to trade please?

Oh man heck yeah what’s your psn?

I have awesome gear for every character let me know what you’d like in exchange!

I appreciate your offer very much but NightWind was gracious enough to help me out already. Thank you though


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qAKyVBwRhiG1EwdZzskOQAinIU3kcVlY0VHNoFF2yco/edit?usp=sharing this spreadsheet has what im looking for

I don’t really have any of that stuff as it’s very specific. I’ll attach a few pics of things I have that are close.

If any of that interests you let me know. I have sent a friend request.

Found this while trying to farm for the lending you’re looking for lol: