LF 130% damage on swap with the clone

if you got any of that goodness for zane i am looking for it, it can be both legendary quest reward or regular purple


Free if you want it.

hexxy sexy on epic PC i would love it sir

Request sent.

thaks i will be home in about 5 hours so i will make sure to DM you here or on epic. #9-6 life

I have: Duc, Radiation Queens Call, Facepuncher and Brainstormer all with 130% damage increase after swapping places with your clone. Let me know if you are interested in any of them :slight_smile:

Do want duc and brainstormer

Do you have any of:

  • grenades with terror buffs (increased damge, crit, health regen, damage res, ammo regen)
  • commander planetoid with rad melee imbue (preferably melee damage passive but without is fine)
  • lyudas with terror buffs (extra projectile, damage, crit)
  • infiltrator com (zane) no points in like a ghost, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • cold warrior com (zane) preferably only points in synchronocity, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • elemental projector otto idol with mag size, action skill cd, some sort of damage
  • thrillbot (purple) big game & hidden machine, preferably with melee passive
  • (good anointed) shredda (any element)
  • cutpurse ottos idol

None of that