LF 15% leech anoint monarch

Just tired of farming especially while drops are bugged to holy hell.

if you have lemme know and tell me what you need. I have just about every gun worth owning (among other items of course) and will look immediately if you need specific stats.

thanks for reedin!


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exactly what kaoson are you looking for? 1X, 2X, which element?

not picky with element. looking for as many as i can get.
preferred no ele/fire/corrosive.

dont care for x2 but ill also take it.

If you had only been on an hour ago, just scrapped one of each element X1 because I use X2 with scope. I have good luck farming traunt, so I can prob get what you want, if not I have all the X2 versions, LMK.

well lucky you lol

if you have x2s to trade lemme know what you need.

Give me a minute I may have an old usb save with those X1, hold on.

Nope sorry, just X2s. Do you have any 50/150 clarvoyance or backburners

haven’t farmed m10 for clar yet…
standby on backburner…

Soulrender, rad boomsickle, monarch sntl cryo?

sntl 100 plaguebearer?

i have a 300/90 plague

( wish i have any boom sickle… impossible to farm)

only phaseslam 300 backburner

i have a couple soulrenders (sntl 100 fire/fire 2mag cry)

cryo monarch has no anoint(2719x4)

OK how bout fire and corr kaoson for the 2 soul renders,and I’ll send you a boom sickle because everyone should have one. Which element? Send me a FR PSN halinglis.

sounds awesome.

if you dont mind no ele or fire or rad boom if you have as long as it has a damage anoint… not sure what you have…

Will give you no element 300/90


Hey i have all kaoson x2 ill add u

ok cool! what would you like?

i have x4 rad and cryo 15% lifesteal

psn nat_zero_six

I added you… just tell me what you’re looking for in return…