Lf 150/50 and 200 splash plasma coil

Lf 150/50 and 200 splash plasma coil. Dont have much new stuff to trade but have plenty of good melee gear, other urad gear, god roll class mods and artifacts :grin:

I have a ase200 I’ll send it to you as soon as they fix the mail :roll_eyes:. I’m also looking for urad plasma. It’s gonna be extremely sad when they need this gun :cry:

Oh that would be amazing if you could! I’ve got a sntnl cryo one but thats it. I’m after a urad also. Any thing else you looking for to trade for that 200?

Hi. I would love to trade that SNTL Cryo Plasma Coil :grinning: I have one with 130% damage Digi-Clone Swap. But also other gear. Just ask and I might have it. Thanks :blush:


Wanna trade?


What you looking for boss?

Yes please man what are you after?

Urad Hotfoot or Tizzy mostly. But I would listen to offers

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Ah damn I have none of those. You just after new items? Or gear to compliment urad builds? I have atom balm deathless one with double roll rad and aoe. And one with double roll incendiary and aoe?

Do you have a god roll seein’ dead class mod? I dont have the 50/150 plasma coil but I do have a kensei classmod with +weapon dmg, +melee dmg and +action skill cooldown if you’re interested.

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Yea im definitely interested in that! I have a couple good level 65 seein deads but I won’t be able to see what roll they are until I get home from work in 8 hours. Add me on psn kirkvisa. And I’ll send you photos when I finish work? I also have a god roll hustler class mod if you wanted to try moxsys new ricochet wizard build

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Bet! Sounds good man. Also yes, if you have a good hustler that would be great also! Just shoot me a message when you get home

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I’m playing it with a Front Loader, so I am using a Pearl in my artifact spot.

Ah I see. I dont know what I can offer you then. I have a lot of good gear but yeah. You after any class mods or artifacts etc?

Yup sounds good to me man! I’ll accept when you add me

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Not really at this time. Do you have any of the new guns with a neutral anoint?

Ah not really unfortunately. Haven’t managed to run it alot of times yet. Ill let you know if I do then

I got hotfoot teddy with 100 ase

I’d do that trade