LF 150 Fade away Kings/Queens calls

I unfortunately didn’t get lucky on any of my characters in Maurice’s vending machine.

Can anyone help? Crazy Earl stole all my eridium on re rolls

PSN is dave_jitsu

I don’t have those weapons but I always wanted to put my hands on them. If you send them over I copy them and put your desired anointment on them. We can also trade it on Sanctuary.

You know you can farm Black Market vendor during this week? It has 30 minutes cooldown of in-game time, so just play the game and re-visit it.

Yeah I just realised. This is the first week It’s had something I want, thought it was a once per character deal :joy:

I have a whole bunch of them except for Cryo. I can send them to you. Hit me up with a request PSN NICKEDEAMUS. You want them all with Fade Away right?

I sent a Corrosive, Shock and Fire… They aren’t all “max power” but they have the anointment you wanted and with my FL4K they decimate. I also sent you a Jacobs company man… not perfect but it’s good. Cheers man!

Got them, thank you