LF 180% Elemental Projector relic

Have a ton of eq, let me know what you want for it :smiley:

There is no 180% EP in the game, in the fact never was. Max you can get is 90% at lvl 50.

The stats shown in elemental projectors are bugged. Even if it says 183%, its really 90%. If you need one i have extras.

I might have an extra too if you don’t otherwise get one from a previous poster. May I ask how you’re using it? I just thought of using one of these recently with that one CoV assault rifle (Embrace the Pain? Bring the Pain?) that sets you on fire. I got a projector relic with a decent incendiary resistance, and I figured I could tank through the gun’s own fire damage and get 90% extra weapon damage out of it.

Mehh, thats not good to hear^^ I was wondering, cause if i scroll over my 90% one, some rare timesd it shows 183%, but most of the time it was 90%………
thx for the infos

i use it with the new Amara COM, shock Setup for the raid and corrosive Setup for wotan